Another Victim of ZooZ Transportation Sent Her Story

Another victim of ZooZ Transportation sent me this email that she sent to ZooZ along with pictures of her furniture and various other items. For a little more of her story, you can read her comment here


We have just completed the move from Texas to Colorado using Zooz Transportation. I am writing to let you know exactly how disappointed we are in your service and general lack of communication. It would have been a simple thing to keep your customers informed as to the progress and/or delays of your trucks – it is called customer service. We sere given the number to Erick the dispatcher and we, the customer, had to call to receive any information. The only time the dispatcher contacted us was when I started calling the drivers directly. AND, this is just the beginning!

I had requested packers on the front end and off-loaders on the receiving end. When the drivers finally arrived four days late, two men in a Penske truck arrived. Although the two men said they knew nothing of the packing request, they did, in fact, pack the kitchen. I was told the truck would arrive by noon and at 4:30 p.m., when the shipment finally arrived in Colorado, the two men (drivers) asked for cash. I had purchased US Postal Money Orders made out to Zooz Transportation, Inc. So, in order to get my property off-loaded, I was running around trying to cash the money orders before the banks and/or post office closed. The men finally off-loaded the truck, however, they did not assemble the furniture, This, too, was part of the quote. Granted, the shipment was much lager than anticipated and the price was adjusted to a flat rate but nothing was ever mentioned that the reassembly had been removed from the deal. AND, this is not the worse part.

Attached, you will find pictures of some of the items that were damaged or destroyed. There is one box that is lost. I am confident it was destroyed as it contained dishes (bowls and salad plates). The reason I believe it was destroyed is because I found broken pieces of the dishes in another box that did NOT contain dishes. We are still unpacking so I am sure there will be much, much more.

Again, I remind you that a second box containing ceramic tableware is not among the shipment and assumed destroyed by evidence of fragments found in other boxes. There is one additional piece of furniture that I did not photograph. It is a shelving unit and the bottom shelf is broken and the screws also stripped.

I can assure you that never again will I use your company or any moving company you are connected with. I will be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau since I chose your company based on the information from the BBB and, obviously the information is incorrect.

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