Choosing a Moving Company

I have a few helpful tips for choosing a moving company. You can ignore this advice at your own peril:

  1. Don’t pick ZooZ Transportation
  2. If the company does not come out to your house to do an estimate after viewing your property, do not trust them. All major carriers will send someone to your home to give you a real esitmate
  3. Your estimate is junk. It means absolutely nothing. Choosing a moving company based on price is the wrong thing to do. If someone is low-balling your move estimate, they’re just going to jack it up after the fact.
  4. Take an inventory of everything you own before you move. If you’re like me, you probably think “oh only an anal retentive ass would do something like that.” I felt the same way. As of today, I’m incredibly happy my wife did this
  5. Go to this site and read it all! – The information on that site is awesome.

When I moved from Denver to Washington, I used a broker for Allied Van Lines. The broker came to my house and did an inventory. They gave me an estimate based on what was to be moved. My move cost me exactly what they said it would cost. The Allied Van Lines drivers that came and picked up my stuff were the same drivers that came and dropped it off.

I recommend that anyone trying to argue on price re-evaluate your position. If you try to save a few bucks by going with these fly-by-night companies like ZooZ Transportation, you’re going to end up spending more in the long run. Use a well-known and highly regarded company like Allied or Mayflower. Their quote may be higher, but their quote is probably accurate.

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  1. Saved me Trouble! says:

    Good federal site to lodge a complaint since they are involved in interstate commerce:

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