Katie Sends In Some New Information

Another ZooZ victim, Katie, sends in her horror story with Mainline Moving/ZooZ Transportation… and all I can say is “Wow.” With all of these stories coming in, I’m starting to feel like I made it out of this lucky.

But Katie also has done some research and believes that the following companies are probably all the same. Note: I cannot confirm this list.

  • Flat Price Moving & Storage
  • Four Seasons Van Lines Inc.
  • Universal Moving and Storage
  • Sunshine moving
  • Moving Direct Van Lines
  • Hercules Moving

Also, please be aware that Budget Van Lines (a moving broker) can possibly contract out jobs to ZooZ transportation. The main supervisor is friends with Shimon Sason and Erick Thomas. I spoke with her directly to get them to attempt to drop ZooZ from their list of transportation companies, but she basically said no way.

If you’re a representative of one of these companies and you wish to refute these claims, by all means post a comment.

She also adds this:

Zooz Transportation has several addresses, one in Reno, NV, one in Las Vegas, NV, one in Van Nuys, CA, one on Rock Springs WY, and another in Valley Village, CA. I believe all of the companies listed above are fraudulent moving companies operated by the same individuals operating Mainline. Shimon Sason is apparently the CEO of Mainline and I believe he is Leon. When I was on the phone with him I asked him his last name and he said “Smith”.

There are multiple sites online that claim this man is a scammer so I think that is why he calls himself Leon as I have told them I found scam reports and I knew that David and Simon were the owners of Mainline and that this was a scam. I also found an ad on Craigslist where they were hiring sales people. It lists the following email: shimon1961@yahoo.com which I am assuming is Shimon Sason’s and numbers to call Leon.

They had purchased the Mainline company when it had an A+ BBB rating and within there contract they had the right to use the name Mainline for ten years. I believe these people do this regularly in order to convince consumers that they are a good company and to use their services. Then extort money out of the consumer and eventually sell their stuff on Craigslist. When I typed in the phone number David gave me for his “east coast manager” named Eli who was supposed to know when my shipment would arrive (before they wanted the $1500) the search results list several expired listings for items for sale on the New Jersey Craigslist with the email address eli@movingdirectvanlines.com. I think this is a huge scam, a ring of fraudulent companies with who knows how many victims. These people do not have facilities and trucks; they have access to the internet. Please investigate this and help.

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5 Responses to Katie Sends In Some New Information

  1. Mrs. E. says:

    You are correct on the address’ that they have gone by, but they are rental mail boxes. The yahoo address listed above was also given to me by Shimon, but after a long days conversation with the police officer and myself calling himself Levon…Tom Levon. The day before he went by Shawn Levon. When I called back to speak to “Shimon,” Erick put me straight through to him. Oren Osaden is now the owner of one of the other scam companies working with them. At “Public Storage” when questioned why a transporatation company was storing in their units, they changed the name on their account to “Federal Movers.” They also store under the name “Best Price,” but I don’t think they are related to Best Price Movers in San Antonio, TX. On the 20th of May they had storage units with “Public Storage” all over the U.S.
    Raphael Sasson is his Father and another one of his own Alias’. The whole family has a laundry list of fraud, not only with these companies but in their personal life.

  2. Mrs. E. says:

    I forgot to put that the on-line site “Rip Off Report”, lists”Federal Movers” out of California has the same Extortion M.O. and complaints, thus another connection with Zooz and Federal Movers. Like I said…the AKA list goes on.

  3. James says:

    all American trusted van lines also same guys. you can check that when you Google all American trusted van lines operate same people and the owner of the company is Franco Matar. Please check lets stop those convicts.

    • randy says:

      you have the story all wrong , these are people who look for new small openning moving companies , go in as partners to give the company a little push to succsess and rip off the customers , and the small companies are humiliated and shut down , before the owner even knows whats going on, and the “partners” move on to a different honest person trying to make it big

  4. Kim faulkner says:


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