Response From the FMCSA

I received the following response via US postal mail from the FMCSA regarding my complaint:

I particularly like the “We will ask company officials to respond directly to you” part of it. The last time I talked to ZooZ Transportation is when I called the number for Mainline Moving and Storage and got Victoria (from ZooZ Transportation). She hung up on me when I identified myself.

The chances of ZooZ Transportation calling me back are slim to none. They know that I don’t want any money and they know they can’t bribe me to take this website down, so they have no reason to call.

Also, I’ve requested documents from the Los Angeles County Clerk regarding the recent (as of 3/25/2011) filing of a “Fictitious Business Name” for “ZOOZ MOVING STORAGE.” I expect to receive that by next Thursday and I will post the documents immediately.

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One Response to Response From the FMCSA

  1. MP says:

    I’m also being scammed by Zooz. Have been doing everything to get in touch with them and resolve things with them. They don’t call back, they don’t answer, etc. I just want my stuff back. So what are we to do first? If this organization doesn’t handle interstate issues (which is what my case is), I’m not sure who to contact… The BBB can’t do anything. What’s next?!? Please advise…

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