ZooZ Threatens Me With Lawyers

I just got off of the phone with Erick Thomas. The first question I asked him is if I could record the phone call. California is a “two-party consent” state for recordings, so I am not able to provide a recording to you. I wanted to ask him what I needed to do to file a claim for our missing printer, however he wouldn’t let me speak to him. He stated that he would not talk to me. He also said that no one at ZooZ Transportation would be able to talk to me. I even asked if the owner was able to talk to me and he said “no.”

However, I was told that their attorneys would be contacting me within 48 hours! This is great news! I can not wait to talk to their attorneys. I have this message for any attorney that wishes to contact me:

Dear Potential Attorney,

Please be aware of the Streisand Effect. I welcome your call and I have the money and resources to fight any bogus allegations made by ZooZ Transportation. You will need to familiarize yourself with trademark and libel laws. I welcome the fight. Please be aware that any email that you send to me will be published on this website along with your name and your firm’s name. I do not and will not agree to any confidentiality. Everything I have written on this site is factual.

Choose your words wisely.


Eric Connell

P.S. See what you can find out about my printer, because I’m going to ask you about it.

What’s great is that every time ZooZ Transportation has promised they’d call me back, they’ve never kept such a promise. I guarantee this promise of a lawyer contact will be broken as well. I’ll call them on Friday asking for their attorney, though. Otherwise, I await the call from the attorney on Thursday before 7PM. Prove me wrong.

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