ZooZ Transportation Owes Me $141.06 – No Way to File a Claim

So we finally finished unpacking everything and our printer, desk, and a tiny piece of the futon are really the only things missing or damaged. Unfortunately, I have no way to file a claim since they told me that if I called again I would be “harassing them.” When I asked Shawn about it on our previous call, he did not respond at all. So, I’m really in the dark on what to do at this point.

Here’s the breakdown:

My wife’s nice brand new printer: 16 pounds

My destroyed desk: 219 pounds

As for the little piece for my futon, it’s a little 6 inch metal cylinder. One goes on the top and one on the bottom that hold it the sides together. I weighed the one I have and it’s about 44 grams (~0.10 pounds).

So the math is: (16 + 219 + 0.1) * 0.60 = $141.06

Now since they won’t talk to me, I wonder how I’m supposed to file a claim. Ah ZooZ, you’re so crazy! I’m betting the chances of me getting a dime back from them: 0%

I guess I’ll wait for their attorneys to call me. Maybe they can help me with my printer.

Update: I recently got off the phone with Erick Thomas at ZooZ (this itself is another story) and basically said I didn’t care. It’s really not worth the hassle of fighting for this piddly $141, so I’m just going to drop this matter. You can keep the money ZooZ. You’ll probably need it to spend on lawyer fees I guess.

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