Do Not Ever Hire ZooZ Transportation

This site is dedicated to educating the public about ZooZ Transportation and Mainline Moving and Storage (which I think are the same company).  My only suggestion for anyone that may be considering using this company for moving is to read my story. Even if they refunded 100% of the money I paid them, I still think that’s too high of a price. That’s right… $0 is too high of a price for having to deal with this company.

Our move and my dealings with ZooZ Transportation should serve as a cautionary tale.  In the coming days, I will publish the play by play of our experience with this company.  Suffice to say, it was quite the ordeal.

The highlights include the movers stealing beer and other drinks out of our fridge and drinking on the job, consistent lying, failure to return phone calls as promised, a serious lack of communication in general, and it all culminates with having to call the police.

Before anyone gets the wild idea to get lawyers involved, here’s what the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco has to say about trademark infringement regarding websites that criticize a business:

“In a bald-faced effort to get even, Kremer started a website at, which, to put it mildly, was uncomplimentary of the Bosley Medical Institute. The problem is that ‘Bosley Medical’ is the registered trademark of the Bosley Medical Institute, Inc., which brought suit against Kremer for trademark infringement and like claims,” the appeals court says. “Bosley responds that Kremer is splitting hairs.”

“The Supreme Court has made it clear that trademark infringement law prevents only unauthorized uses of a trademark in connection with a commercial transaction in which the trademark is being used to confuse potential consumers,” the appeals court says.

“Kremer’s use of the Bosley Medical mark simply cannot mislead consumers into buying a competing product — no customer will
mistakenly purchase a hair replacement service from Kremer under the belief that the service is being offered by Bosley,” the opinion says. “Any harm to Bosley arises not from a competitor’s sale of a similar product under Bosley’s mark, but from Kremer’s criticism of their services. Bosley cannot use the Lanham Act either as a shield from Kremer’s criticism, or as a sword to shut Kremer up.”

Source: | Court ruling finely parts hair suit

Since I am not offering any service or even advertising on this website, my use of this domain is clearly allowed under trademark law. As far as any possible libel is concerned, all statements I make on this website are factual. I have made a good effort attempt to contact ZooZ Transportation’s Erick Thomas via email on March 10th, 2011 asking if he would like me to clarify any of the facts on this page. I have not received a response as of March 12th, 2011. If I do receive a response, I will update the story accordingly.

Also, I contacted the businesses around their supposed location in Rock Springs, WY. Joe’s Drive-in Liquor and Bar were extremely helpful. The staff there actually went out looking for the ZooZ Transportation office and it simply does not exist. Actually, I’m pretty sure 12 Center Street doesn’t even exist. If that’s not indicative of the type of company ZooZ Transportation is, well I don’t know what else can convince you. And if you ever find yourself in Rock Springs, WY, stop by Joe’s and have a drink! They were very nice and helpful over the phone.

Update: I also contacted the Rock Springs police department. They told me that the lowest address that they have on Center St. is 25. This should confirm the fact that there is no such address as “12 Center St.” in Rock Springs, WY. They told me it was against their policy to give an official statement on actual letterhead for such a matter, but feel free to call them yourself and I’m sure the operator/dispatcher will tell you the same thing. They were extremely friendly as well.

If you have ever had to deal with ZooZ Transportation and have a complaint, by all means let me know. I’ll be more than happy to post your stories, too. I know there are others out there, because the driver who ended up with the truck in front of my house told me “This happens all the time.” He also mentioned a couple in San Diego that also had to call the police on ZooZ Transportation.

It seems my story is not unique. And this doesn’t surprise me at all.

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  1. jessica says:

    omg ive been dealing with zooz for a while trying to get a hold of them so they can give me my money for breaking my furniture…. im so stressed trying everything but cant even get a num please if you can guide me it would be great im even thinking of taking them to small claims court. The zooz i went through was located in burbank ca its been the 120 day mark and i dont know what to do they overcharged and broke my things and even forgot to give me 2 of my boxes said i would get it later but i cant get ahold of anyone!! i reported to bbb but they didnt do much good

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