Fictitious Business Name Registration

I received the Fictitious Business Name registration from the LA County Clerk for a company named “ZOOZ MOVING STORAGE.” The registered owner is a Rafhael Sasson. This registration was filed on March 25th, 2011 and it is document ID #20110453218. A quick Google search for this name ends up with this complaint against a company named “Let’s Move It Right.”

I wonder exactly how many company names these scammers have operated under. Because of a mix-up, I did not receive the registration for “ZOOZ TRANSPORTATION” (document ID 20100485381). I’m expecting that hopefully later this week.

There’s also another registration on March 25th, 2011 for a fictitious business name of “RAFHAEL SASSON” (document ID 20110453218). I guess I’ll have to order a copy of that as well.

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  1. Mrs. E. says:

    “Public Storage” questioned Zooz Transporation on why a transporation company was storing in their units. Zooz changed their name on the account to “Federal Movers.” I found on the on-line site “Rip Off Report” the same extortion situation and same M.O. about “Federal Movers”. My stuff is being stored at a “Public Storage” and I have no access to it because it is stored under name “David” and Reserved by “Levin” AKA: Shimon Sasson. The Company name they put it under is “Best Price.” There is a legit licensed company named Best Price Movers, that I do not think is related to these people, so….. stealing partial names of other good standing companies when questioned??? The lists of Company Alias’ go on and on. They also give fictitious insurance companies names and legit company names that they are actually not covered under. DOT# 1198091 was revoked after they were fined and they refused to pay, so deos any body know about DOT # on their website: 1882916 and MC# 678883?

    Shimon told the police officer I was with his name was Tom Levin. When he was ready to haggle down the ransom he gave me his personal email with the fist name Shimon at the beginning of the email address. “Erik (not the Oren Eric)” also referred to Shimon as Tom and Shawn, but when I called back to ask to speak to Shimon he put me through. Raphael Sasson is his Father’s legal name. He also takes on his Father’s alias for his own. Anything to keep “his” legal name off any contract and public records he will do. He does not care nor is pressured by any Authority or legal threats.

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