Here Is What Appears To Be The Response From ZooZ

I’m just going to go ahead and leave this here, because this is the level of professionalism you can expect from ZooZ Transportation. This appears to be from Erick Thomas. He refers to my wife as a “thing.” ZooZ said this exact same thing to me. The statement that there were “61 items in the quote but 142 in the move!” was something I heard during the “re-negotiation.” Erick Thomas specifically told me that very same line. The only people that could possibly have known this is ZooZ Transportation.. While it is possible someone guessed the exact number of items we moved, I’ll leave that up to your judgement. We indeed had the same argument that if this was the case, there was a serious flaw in their estimate process.

Regardless, ladies and gentlemen, this is how ZooZ Transportation treats their customers, I invite you to read on. In full faith and to the best of my knowledge, this is a message from ZooZ Transportation (please correct me if I’m wrong, but I have log files and can and will file discovery motions with the California court if need be):

you know,Erick instead of banging your wife(witch if i was on a desert island by self and she will be the only ‘thing’ there is out there,i would wish that a dinosaur will crack my flash and bone then too get ‘intimate’ that ‘thing’..).
first of all i look at your ‘order for service’(and i know a little bit about it).
binding not to exceed mean that when a customer give to the sells man a list of items and the customer(in that case that ‘thing’,the wife)need to be very specific,there for your ‘thing’(wife)try too take advantage of the moving company.
now my brother,Erick,you think that what you did cant hurt a moving companies,but you wrong.
your ‘thing’ give list of 61!!!!!!!!!!items!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the moving company took from your hunted house 142!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!items!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
now,dear Erick,maybe i ignorant,but when i go to the grocery store,my wife(not your ‘thing’)give me a list to by from the store.
sugar,Coffey,water,cookies,cackles,and diapers.
i know that with that list that my wife(not your ‘thing’..)provide to me,its not going to cost me more then $20-30 dollars.
but when i am there i ‘decided’ get soda,meat,whips,ice cream,toilet paper,paper towels,cigarettes,and more and more…
when i got back home my wife will say “babe all i said its this and this and that”…and it need to be $20-30…
the bill now his $120 dollars cues i decided to bring more things that what she SAID!!!
you see my brother,don’t bl aim the moving companies,for your mistake,or try to make your ‘thing’(wife..)feel better about what happened too you,bl aim your self!!!
and where we coming from,when we get a discount,we say thank you,and move on.
but i Guss you where the Little kid from school that every one used to pick at,but guess what my brother,i hope that one day you will enjoy your life with the ‘thing’ and stop blaming every one for your MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!

‘and ther is nothing that shoew

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4 Responses to Here Is What Appears To Be The Response From ZooZ

  1. Katie says:

    All I can say is… Wow! These guys are borderline illiterate.

  2. Katie says:

    I take that back… the borderline part.

    • Mrs. E. says:

      Yes the phone calls are at that grade level and sound that bad, but the same goes for their math and written abilities in emails and on contracts.

  3. tdries says:

    Sad, sad, sad and delusional. It’s amazing what the power of rationalization can do for the demented. Nonetheless, Mrs. E., at the very least he deserves a thank you for his kind gesture of not desiring you. Mr. E., along with his criminal acts against you I would attach a charge of slander for referring to you as “his brother”.

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