News Station KIRO 7 In Seattle Does A Story on ZooZ

News Station KIRO 7 did a report on ZooZ victims David and Mindy. The report wasn’t incredibly in-depth, but it was a a great start. This report really only covers their specific move, not the activities of the company in general (even though we all pretty much have the same story).

The story can be found here:

I have been in contact with the journalist, David Quinlan. He explained that in the TV news world, they only have about a minute and a half to make the story, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for a real in-depth investigation. Regardless, I think this media attention is a huge step forward in our cause of shutting these scammers down. David also said that there is a possibility of a follow-up story about this company. I’m not sure how realistic that is for a local news station, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Every news station I’ve talked to asks the same thing: How many people are local? Local stations are looking for the local angle. Here in Colorado, there’s two of us victims nearby. But for the most part, we’re scattered about the country. We have a problem where the issue is too big for state agencies and too small for federal agencies.

For those of you that have agreed to have your information forwarded to law enforcement, I have already started working on that task. Combined with the news story, we can really start pressuring various Attorney General offices. For those of you that have agreed to being involved with the media, I have already started sending out information to them as well.

If you are one of the people that agreed and would like to see a copy of what I’m sending out, please email me privately and I’ll forward you a copy.

To Mr. Quinlan: I think you misunderstood the ZooZ “employee” that you were speaking with. He was not trying to say that “it wasn’t his company.” He was telling you that he didn’t work for the company. He was just a day laborer hired by Zooz off of craigslist to show up. The man you spoke with had absolutely no idea what you were talking about. More accurately, you just got scammed by ZooZ, too.

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2 Responses to News Station KIRO 7 In Seattle Does A Story on ZooZ

  1. david says:

    they did tons of interviews and filmed tons of stuff, even me holding the contracts side by side and showing how they altered everything. in the end, we are glad to have gotten something out there, but it wasn’t at all the story that should have been told.

    we feel very lucky to even have our stuff back and to have minimal damage. the minimal damage is probably because i flew back and loaded it and drove it out myself. visa refunded the $400 deposit because i never received the service they promised, and they refunded the $400 they took off my card unauthorized. the deal to get my stuff back was $800, and so we’ve paid them about the amount of the original contract, plus $270 for a plane ticket, $1000 for a rental truck and about $500 in diesel gas.

    this chapter is closed, now, let the world know and take these scammers down.

  2. Kim faulkner says:

    My husband went to work for these people …. He stayed out a month an one week an got paid zero dollars .. this really put everything we own in a bad way these people are crooks. so sorry to see all these post i have seen on here …

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