ZooZ Transportation Gets Active On This Site

I can only assume that the employees at ZooZ Transportation are upset about this website. But this evening, this comment came in on the “Is It Too Late For You?” page that really had me laughing:

i Guss Jojo mom and daddy was raping little Jojo when she was little cou’s her looser daddy and her junkie mother was never there,when she grow up,she hated every one in the world,so Jojo…who ever you might be,we will pray for you and wish you all the best and what ever you need you know how to get hold of USS.
and don’t be mad it don’t mean that if you didn’t make it in the real world,some one else will.

Some interesting facts about this comment include the fact that it came from Irvine, California (99-45-252-22.lightspeed.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) and that the email address that was included in the post was erickconnell@yahoo.com.

The email address is the part that made this the most amusing. “Erick” is not a very common name. Eric and Erik are fairly common, but not Erick. In fact, the only person I’ve met in my entire life with the name Erick is Erick Thomas from ZooZ Transportation.

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