Budget Van Lines Brokers To Scammers

I’ve held off for a while on making a determination about Budget Van Lines, but today I’m going to have to state my opinion that Budget Van Lines is a rogue moving broker that routinely and knowingly contracts jobs out to companies that run hostage moving scams. As such, Budget Van Lines is complicit in running hostage moving scams.

Back in March when I first started this website, I was contacted by a couple that hired Budget Van Lines. Budget then brokered the job to Zooz Transportation. As with all of Zooz’s jobs, the couple got screwed over by Zooz and Budget wasn’t being incredibly helpful. While I was researching their issue, I spoke with the “supervisor” at Budget. I don’t remember her name now (I think it was Amy), but I specifically asked if there was anyone higher up than her that I could talk to and she said “No.”

She told me that she was friends with Oren Osadon and Shimon Sasson and that they were “good people.” She informed me that she just had dinner with them that night and they were friends. When I tried to pressure her to stop brokering jobs to Zooz, she flat out refused and she more or less mocked me for even trying.

Even with all of that information, I withheld judgement on Budget Van Lines. Today, however, I can say without a doubt that Budget Van Lines is a scam moving broker and they are not to be trusted.

Yesterday, I heard the story of a woman that moved through Budget Van Lines that ended up getting contracted out to Zooz Transportation in the beginning of May. It’s been two months and she still doesn’t have her stuff. Zooz Transportation ended up sending the job over to another company called All American Trusted Van Lines. The owner of that company is named Franco Matar. Unsurprisingly, Franco is friends with Shimon Sasson and All American Trusted Van Lines is yet another scam moving company. My sources have informed me that Franco and Shimon were going to partner together about a year ago. All American Trusted Van Lines had their license revoked by the Department of Transportation on May 10th, 2011.

So back to Budget Van Lines… they continue to broker jobs out to companies that they know full well run hostage moving scams. If you book a job through Budget Van Lines, there is a distinct possibility that you’re going to end up getting screwed. It’s not incredibly obvious where exactly Budget Van Lines is located, either. Their website says they are located in New York City, but Oren and Shimon are in Los Angeles. The FMCSA shows that Budget Van Lines is located in Virginia. The Better Business Bureau lists a company called Budget Van Lines on Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles. That company has an F rating with the BBB with a total of 72 complaints in the past year.

The BBB also reports this additional information about Budget Van Lines:

Complaints allege failure to honor moving quotes, failure to notify customers that their move will be subcontracted out to another carrier, damage and loss claims, delivery issues and failure to assist in resolving disputes. The company generally responds to complaints by referring customers to the carrier who conducted the moving services, claiming they simply acted as a broker and have no responsibility for what took place during the move. In some cases, the company addressed claims of failing to honor estimates and quotes by claiming the customer did not provide the correct inventory and had more items than quoted.

As such, I’m officially adding Budget Van Lines into my crosshairs for moving companies to take down. They are deeply involved with Zooz Transportation, which makes them a prime target for investigation. The FMCSA shows 36 complaints in 2011 (that’s 36 complaints in 6 months!). I will definitely be bringing this up with the DOT next week.

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7 Responses to Budget Van Lines Brokers To Scammers

  1. hint says:

    Franco Matar is brother of Oren Osadon and now they are working with All Point Moving and storage.

    • econnell says:

      Do you know what city they are operating out of? There seem to be a *lot* of “All Point Moving and Storage” companies. :/

  2. tdries says:

    Hope I didn’t fill your in box but I wanted you to have everything I have compiled against these SOB’s. Let’s Drain em dry and drag em in!

  3. hint says:

    first of all any moving company who operates non-american most Israeli’s. They open under different name and in different city or state, but on websites, contracts and so on they put different locations. so that all points moving and storage became Best points. http://all-points-moving-and-storage.com/ here is they website. Econnell, my friend what you doing is great but i don’t think you will be able punish them. They will move different state and they will do same thing. Only Police or FBI or DOT can do some thing. even they can’t do anything, they just will give them ticket for $2000-$4000 which it is penny for them according what they make.

  4. unknown says:

    san jose, ca is where the bbb is , but miami fl.

  5. Tyler says:

    I will also testify that Budget Van Lines is a fraudulent company. My wife and I contracted with them April 2011 to move us about 300 miles. They hired Zooz to do the job. Most of what has happened to others happened to us. I won’t go into all the gory details, but I will affirm the dishonesty and outright unethical and criminal behavior of Zooz and Budget Van Lines. We did not have our stuff “held hostage” like some, but we had a lot of stuff broken, lost and even stolen. We were also charged more than quoted. We did fight back a little and got the price down a bit closer to the quoted price, but it was still way too high considering we lost over a thousand dollars worth of stuff to theft, negligence and incompetence. We paid some of our bill in cash upon delivery, but we had booked and reserved the truck with a bank card. We disputed the charge on the card based on the vendor not delivering as promised. The dispute is ongoing, but as of right now, we have gotten a portion of our money back. Crooked, crooked people and companies. . . I don’t know how they sleep at night.

  6. Eric says:

    I found this website while researching a job opportunity on Craigslist. I figured I would pass this ad along as it may help you. http://lasvegas.craigslist.org/sls/3968275971.html

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