All American Trusted Van Lines Missing Shipments

If you were moved by any of the companies related to this ring of scammers and you are awaiting your shipment, it is very possible that your stuff is being held by the Los Angeles Police Department. They were probably operating as some form of All American Trusted Van Lines or New Life Van Lines.

Oren Osaden and Franco Matar have had arrest warrants issued against them and the LAPD, in cooperation with the Bakersfield, CA Police Department served a search warrant on a storage unit in the LA area. In the process of serving the warrant, they found at least 10 different shipments inside of a storage unit. Each shipment had names on it and the Bakersfield PD is trying to contact the owners of these shipments. Another victim is working on getting a search warrant for a storage facility in the northwest (Seattle area), and that may uncover other shipments as well.

I’ve been told that the Los Angeles District Attorney will file criminal charges against both Oren Osaden and Franco Matar, but I do not have any details on this yet.

If you moved from the Los Angeles area with one of these companies, please contact me at and I will get you contact information for the detective in Bakersfield that’s working this case.

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3 Responses to All American Trusted Van Lines Missing Shipments

  1. tdries says:


  2. Robin Cronin says:


    Do you know if they found any household items if you moved through Zooz transportation?


  3. michelle blackstone says:

    Im completing a Major Fraud Complaint Form and submitting it to the Los Angeles District Attorney. Please let me know if you wish to include your names and information.

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