Gold Coast Moving / Lidor Van Lines

If you’re looking at moving companies, it appears that these scammers are now operating as Gold Coast Moving and/or Lidor Van Lines. The website information for this new company is incredibly similar to the Zooz Transportation website. I’ll be contacting the FMCSA about it as soon as possible.

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  1. Josh socher is the “ring leader” in the whole operation. He is currently operating with a comapny named “United Master lines” in N Miami Florida. Josh lives in fort lauderdale florida. he has ran all these companies, as well as a company named “kings vanlines” and “Moving Direct Van Lines” all who have screwed over thousands of people.

  2. Negar M says:

    But wait, there’s more!

    We booked Gold Coast/ Lidor for a move from Tucson to NYC September 6.

    We did this with a sales rep named Julian Jaramillo in August. According to Goldcoast’s previous owner, this was done after he sold the company to Simon.

    When we finally received our stuff yesterday, a company named Y.T.B. Van Lines dropped it off.

    This company has an A rating with only one closed complaint with the BBB, so I’m wondering if this is their new company.

    Yesterday, the movers wanted an extra 200 dollars to go up one flight of stairs. Our contract Cleary stated the first fight was free. They also called us while we were waiting to tell us their truck wouldn’t fit on our street.

    This was strange because we gave them the address to a storage facility right off a highway that had access specifically for 18 wheelers.

    He started talking about needing a shuttle when we told him this wasn’t even residential. He sounded despondent when he realized the shuttle scam wasn’t going to work….which may be why he tried to get more for the stairs (did I mention there was a freight elevator?)

    Same M.O. so now I’m beginning to wonder what company isn’t in on this?!?!?!?

    So to reiterate, the new names for your list are Julian Jaramillo and Y.T.B van lines.

    I have pictures of the van, a video of the foreman taking accepting payment, and their DOT info if you need it.

    This wasn’t my first move and I wasn’t born yesterday.

  3. Negar M says:

    sorry, I meant YBT

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