Who To Contact If You’ve Been Scammed

If your move is being held hostage, you should contact http://www.moverescue.com/

They are a reputable company that assists people that have been scammed by disreputable moving companies.

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One Response to Who To Contact If You’ve Been Scammed

  1. amy stickel says:

    i would love to talk to you about these scammers. they have my things and my mothers things too… it’s too much to go in to, but the story is the same w/ a few different details… but our things are being held hostage. anyway, plz email me back at amydstickel@gmail.com so we can talk about what happened to you and maybe compare notes on how to take these scam artists down. they are hurting so many ppl.. it makes me cringe to think about what kind of evil a person must have inside of them to take someones belongings, all of them, and not give them back, all while smiling at you and you giving them money…
    i look forward to hearing from anyone who’s been scammed

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