Oren “Leo” Osadon and Best Rate Movers

I received a very reliable tip that Oren Osadon has come up with yet a new alias. It seems he’s going by Leo Osadon these days and he’s scamming people under the company name Best Rate Movers. Apparently, he’s driving the trucks himself now, too. Unsurprisingly, Budget Van Lines is contracting out to Best Rate Movers, because I have confirmed that Budget Van Lines is a scam company, too.

In other news, Robert Michalski, formerly of Zooz Transportation (among many others), was arrested on manslaughter charges involving heroin. I wish I could remember the name of the moving company he worked for previously. I spoke with the owner and flat out told him that Robert and Chris were dope dealers and he assured me that these two guys are perfectly nice guys and wouldn’t do anything like that. HA!

That’s the wrong Robert Michalski. This is the correct Robert Michalski I’m assuming his “failure to appear” was from this story. So Robert is still a criminal drug addict… just not a different criminal drug addict.

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