Alliance Worldwide Van Lines — Chris Michalski Strikes Again

This post was originally a post about how Chris Michalski — under various company names — operates what is known as a hostage moving scam operation. I have since edited the post because his comments do a better job than I ever could of showing his character as a businessman.

After his attempts at hiring people to spam the comments section of this post failed, he decided to threaten a lawsuit against me. The lawsuit doesn’t scare me. There was nothing false on this page, so there was no basis for any lawsuit. But that’s not the point, here.

In a nutshell, this page was about why no one should ever do business with Chris Michalski, Amy Michalski, or Chris Michalski’s mother in law — Cheryl Theismann. If I recall correctly, they own Alliance Worldwide Van Lines, Northern Van Lines, and respectively.

At any rate, the comments below should give you more than enough than you need to know about Chris Michalski’s character. I want to personally thank Chris Michalski for proving my point.

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23 Responses to Alliance Worldwide Van Lines — Chris Michalski Strikes Again


    Editors Note: I approved this comment to show you exactly the type of person you’ll be dealing with if you hire him or any of his various companies.

  2. Julie says:

    I was recently scammed by this company. They stole all of my belongings in a move from Denver to Washington state and are being investigated for fraud by multiple credit card companies and the DOT. A lot of people are in a bad situation with this company right now. They’ve had my belongings for over 2 months and I see no way to get them back. I’m getting my legal documentation in order. Contact right away if you’ve been affected; they’re building a case against them as we speak.

    Some helpful numbers to try to contact them for the moment, until they change them (likely soon):

    Cheryl Theismann, documented company owner, cell phone: 954-907-8486
    Amy Theismann, right-hand scammer, cell phone: 423-619-0078
    Carlos Delgado, Colorado representative, cell phone: 720-233-5327

    File a complaint with the DOT here:

    Contact the Attorney Generals of all states involved. Here’s Florida, where they’re based:

  3. What your posting about my family on this website isnt legal. I am hunting you.

    • You and your family are on the list. I hope it was worth it..

      • I am going to give you 3 days to remove this website.. Or remove my name and my families.

        • econnell says:

          18 U.S.C. ยง 875(c) states: “Whoever transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication containing any threat to kidnap any person or any threat to injure the person of another, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.”

          • Im not threatning you. I am promising you. And whover mentioned anything about hurting you? I came here to Colorado to see if you would actually man up and meet me in person? Im gonna have you in Colorado court until you dont have the money to continue. BTW you met with the owner of Globe in person? That was me you spoke to you. LIAR..

    • Maddman says:

      Listen you thief, many are hunting you. Customers, creditor. Your a little little man, and will be stopped. What a loser you are.

      • Is that right? You know nothing about moving. I am a broker that works with over 50 moving companies. Everything about my position is honest. I dont own one truck. Every broker encounters bad companies. And just like Mainline we worked with them for 3 months several years ago and cut em. Never worked with Zooz though. Hey Maddmen I am here in Denver I bet you anything you wont meet me in person?

      • C Perez says:

        What a complete moron Maddman. This proves you guys have your heads up your ass. You point fingers and threaten but if the FEDS have investigated and realized that they are not responsible for customers being unfortunately ripped off then why would you keep insinuating differently. If the FEDS have no proof how could you. Simple minded FOOLS with nothing else to do…

  4. Anonymous says:

    You’d think that Chris and family would realize that everything they do to people, including leaving threatening phone calls saying they’re going to “bury” somebody just further incriminates them.

    What horrible, scum of the earth people.

  5. Karen Purdie says:

    My elderly parents are victims of Alliance World Wide Van Lines and I fully intend to pursue them through USDOT, BBB, Florida Attorney General’s Office, internet reviews, local and national news organizations. Alliance provided me a moving quote based on weight of the specific items to be moved from my parent’s home in Oregon to my home California. Two days later, two sketchy men showed up at 8:30 p.m. demanding cash in excess of the original balance, claiming that my parents had them bring additional items. But I already knew, from my parent’s realtor, that the movers had left 75% of the heavy furniture items behind. We were forced to pay in order to get my parents bed and other items off of the truck. The mattress was soaked on two corners, their dresser mirror was shattered, the movers only brought one of the two bed pillows and the fitted sheet, they left behind the other pillow, the flat sheet, blanket and comforter and the china that was packed in a ‘Dish Pack’ was wrapped in paper but there were no dividers or supports. I’ve turned everything over to our family attorney and my brother-in-law who is a judge and niece who is also an attorney who are committed to pursuing Alliance, when reviewing the moving quote and documents they realized that the Bill of Lading was an odd size, not 8.5×11, or 8.5×14…….because the top had been cut off. There is no header with a company name, address, or telephone number.

    I have emailed James Walker, the sales representative several times and called him and the toll free number numerous times, to no avail. Which led me to search for the owners.

    Mr. & Mrs. Michalski, it’s unfortunate for others that is taking so long for you to face justice for your shady business dealings, but the day is coming!

  6. and we spoke to by phone…

  7. Florida Mike says:

    These folks are criminals. They are on the verge of going down hard. Anyone who has done business with these shady crooks should contact the authorities immediately. If your belongings are being held hostage, Alliance can be fined $10,000 a day. Call the police immediately!! As a team, we can destroy this piece criminal enterprise. Chris, you are of such poor character. You act and conduct yourself like a foolish kid, to be honest. You are no broker, my friend. You think you’re so cool. 26 and make more than that guy you robbed? Ooooh, such a big man. Your own employees say you both have drug problems and don’t pay them. You are terrible businessmen & women, and will at some point go down hard. Lots of people are compiling data on your dishonest deeds, and people in the know say you owe money all over the country. I bet your bills are piling up and you’re paniking. Sure sounds like it, fools. Some broker you are. We ALL look forward to your demise and wish you both nothing but epic fail. Have a nice day, pricks.

    • One thing I can say is that I have never stole a dime from anyone. My sales people book alot of jobs and 95% of our customers are satisfied. Yes in the past 5 years we have gotten maybe 100 complaints or so. But so has any other moving company handling 500 jobs a month. You dont know me or anyone I am associated with. You dont understand moving. There are phases a company goes through in this business. It takes time to find the right companies that dont get any complaints. I have worked my ass off for years and have been burnt by this business more than anyone or any customer has. We fight with moving companies everyday to do right by customers. I am a young guy and have alot to learn. The customers that have had bad experiences I am not proud of. But in this business as a broker it takes years to control this animal of a business. This will be the last time you hear of complaints or problems from customers from my companies. I am changing everything. Also BTW drugs I dont do them. Never have.

  8. But I have never had any dealings with Eric Connell. He never moved with any of my companies. I will not continue to allow my daughters and my picture posted a website where I have no dealings with the owner.

    • I also had DOT just a few weeks ago in my home for 6 hours. I have rock solid agent agreements with the carriers we use releasing us from any liability whatsoever. The liability is all on the carriers. How does a man that doesnt own 1 truck even move 1 person? If a customer has a bad experience it comes from movers on pickup. That I dont have much control after the job is picked up. If anyone here wants to meet with me or call me I have no problem.

  9. econnell says:

    All I have to add to this page is that I am incredibly amused that Chris Michalski keeps posting here. In doing so, he increases the Google page rank for when people search for his name. I could write a bazillion bad things about this dude, but his own comments say more about him than I could ever write.

    • Well I will do anything to have my information removed from this site. Obviously threatning law suits isnt doing any good. I was hoping we could make this easy. But do you honestly think a judge anywhere is going to allow you to post pictures of me and my daughter on your website? You have not moved with any of my companies. This website I am sure has cost me in the hundreds of thousands and thats exactly what I am suing for. This will be my last post thank you.

      • econnell says:

        Chris, I think your comments on this page have done more harm to your company than I ever could have. You have only yourself to blame here. I think any sane person will be able to see this. But as you requested, I’ve removed the post.

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