Call Transcription

Here is a partial transcript of the recording:

Eric: Are you telling me that you have delivered my property to me? Is it in my possession?

Shawn: Your property going to delivered first of all we collect cash or US postal order or money gram no problem

Eric: OK, now when it’s delivered, then I will pay you as our contract states.

Shawn: No. The contract doesn’t say that.

Eric: Yes it does. It says you will be… [interrupted]

Shawn: Let me finish please

Eric: I’m sorry, go ahead.

Shawn: The order of service that you signed for is right in black and white. On the delivery we’re going to collect money first of all. Before deliver the goods. The bill of lending [sic and ... lol!] that you signed for, right in black and white. First of all we collecting money: Cash, US Postal or moneygram before we deliver your shipment. Period. So you can record everything. It’s right in black and white.

Eric: Yes, I know. I’m telling you… I’m telling you what you signed. It says the remainder of $1590 will be paid via cash or post office money order upon delivery. Now… is my… Is [interrupted]

Shawn: No… no no.. not upon delivery, I’m sorry.

Eric: [talking over shawn] It says upon delivery. And it says this agreement supersedes any previous agreements.

Shawn: Mr Connell, let’s talk. Let me talk. You talk. OK, I’m working. So tell me what I [unintelligble]

Eric: OK, We signed an amendment to our agreement. The amendment states very clearly: The remainder of $1590 will be paid via cash or post office money order upon delivery. It is signed by me. It is signed by you. It is dated February 16th of 2011. Now…

Shawn: [unintelligble] didn’t sign this one.

Eric: I’m sorry. Ummm…

Shawn: Who signed this? I never didn’t sign this

Eric: It was signed…

Shawn: I don’t sign contracts like that

Eric: It was signed by the same person that signed all of the other paperwork [ed: as it turns out, this is incorrect. it was a different signature on the other documents, but it was the same signature on the "agreement."] I can.. Your driver is sitting right here. He can look at the signature and compare it.

Shawn: My name is Shawn

Eric: [interrupting] I can’t… I can’t read it, but I can tell you this, it’s the same thing that’s on everything else.

Shawn: No I never [unintelligible] did sign this paper. My concern is your order of service that you signed. My concern is the bill of lending [sic] that you signed. [unintelligible] our policy.

Eric: This was signed by Erick… [interrupted]

Shawn: It’s a matter of trust.

Eric: This was signed by… [interrupted]

Shawn: It’s a matter of trust. Why do you want me to trust you if you don’t trust me?

Eric: Well I have a lot of reasons not to trust you, sir. I have a lot of reasons not to trust you.

Shawn: [unintelligible] You don’t have alot [unintelligible].OK, let me tell you what, [unintelligible] back and forth back and forth… medium time… we tried… we promised mother nature finally we got there. By the law the DOT, that’s the Department of Transportation I have 21 business days open window. Not including holidays and weekend time. OK?

Eric: OK

Shawn: to deliver your shipment

Eric: OK

Shawn: That means your shipment is before the 21 business so I will speak so far I am good.

Eric: Sure. Sure.

Shawn: Now let me tell you about what that. Listen we can keep and talk but I can not [unintelligible] , but the bottom line, I can not [unintelligible] the truck until I get paid.

Eric: OK, but… [talking over Shawn] you’re… you’re in breach of your contract if you do that, you realize that, correct?

Shawn: No no no no no no no no….

Eric: Yes… Yes you are

Shawn: I never didn’t signed it. I can go to the court and I prove. This is not my signature.

Eric: It was signed by…

Shawn: I [untintelligble] signed it.

Eric: It was signed by Erick Thomas, Zooz Transportation Superior.

Shawn: I’m sorry. I’m the superior and I never didn’t sign and I’m [unintelligible] willing to lose ten thousand. You going to lose just lunch with me.

Eric: So you’re saying that Erick [interrupted]

Shawn: [unintelligibile] didn’t sign, I never didn’t sign. OK? My concern is the bill of lending [sic] and the order of service. You cannot change it whenever you want. It’s not working like that. The shipment is there. The driver is very tired. [unintelligibile] wants to get your shipment. [unintelligible] go to the police or something. Or whatever he wants to do.

Eric: [speaking over Shawn] If he tries to drive away with all my property, then yes, I’m going to call the police, because that will be theft.

Shawn: OK. Well lets go to the police.

There is more to be transcribed… but it is a tedious process. I will finish it eventually. The audio can be heard below

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  1. pissed at zooz2 says:

    I have a saved text message from these theives saying that we will have to bring them CASH or they wouldn’t unload the truck.

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