News Station KIRO 7 In Seattle Does A Story on ZooZ

News Station KIRO 7 did a report on ZooZ victims David and Mindy. The report wasn’t incredibly in-depth, but it was a a great start. This report really only covers their specific move, not the activities of the company in general (even though we all pretty much have the same story).

The story can be found here:

I have been in contact with the journalist, David Quinlan. He explained that in the TV news world, they only have about a minute and a half to make the story, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for a real in-depth investigation. Regardless, I think this media attention is a huge step forward in our cause of shutting these scammers down. David also said that there is a possibility of a follow-up story about this company. I’m not sure how realistic that is for a local news station, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Every news station I’ve talked to asks the same thing: How many people are local? Local stations are looking for the local angle. Here in Colorado, there’s two of us victims nearby. But for the most part, we’re scattered about the country. We have a problem where the issue is too big for state agencies and too small for federal agencies.

For those of you that have agreed to have your information forwarded to law enforcement, I have already started working on that task. Combined with the news story, we can really start pressuring various Attorney General offices. For those of you that have agreed to being involved with the media, I have already started sending out information to them as well.

If you are one of the people that agreed and would like to see a copy of what I’m sending out, please email me privately and I’ll forward you a copy.

To Mr. Quinlan: I think you misunderstood the ZooZ “employee” that you were speaking with. He was not trying to say that “it wasn’t his company.” He was telling you that he didn’t work for the company. He was just a day laborer hired by Zooz off of craigslist to show up. The man you spoke with had absolutely no idea what you were talking about. More accurately, you just got scammed by ZooZ, too.

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Pam Shows How ZooZ Had Her Introduced To Her Neighbors

Pam posted her story a couple weeks ago about how the driver, Eli, dealt with her move.

Her story can be found here

They moved a grand total of 427 miles and ZooZ Tranpsortation still managed screw them over. These “professionals” destroyed her new neighbor’s lawn because they got the truck stuck. She says they spent hours spinning the trucks tires in the neighbor’s yard before they finally realized some chains would be a good idea. Then they had the nerve to blame her for their problems.

Pam sent in some photos of the damage today. Isn’t this one hell of a way to meet your new neighbors?

Pam is still working on repairing the damage to her neighbor’s yard.

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More Documents To Be Requested From the Los Angeles County Clerk

I’ve put together a list of suspect company names based on current information. I have no clue if these companies are related, but hopefully the results from my requests will help figure out who is who. These are the documents that I will be requesting from the clerk’s office tomorrow. Again, I’d like to reiterate that I’m not sure if these companies are in any way affiliated with the Zooz Transportation scam. Some of these entries may seem odd, but rest assured I have a good reason for each request.




















UNIVERSAL MOVING 2007 0988200	

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Fictitious Business Name Registration

I received the Fictitious Business Name registration from the LA County Clerk for a company named “ZOOZ MOVING STORAGE.” The registered owner is a Rafhael Sasson. This registration was filed on March 25th, 2011 and it is document ID #20110453218. A quick Google search for this name ends up with this complaint against a company named “Let’s Move It Right.”

I wonder exactly how many company names these scammers have operated under. Because of a mix-up, I did not receive the registration for “ZOOZ TRANSPORTATION” (document ID 20100485381). I’m expecting that hopefully later this week.

There’s also another registration on March 25th, 2011 for a fictitious business name of “RAFHAEL SASSON” (document ID 20110453218). I guess I’ll have to order a copy of that as well.

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BBB Changes ZooZ Transportation Rating to F

I finally got a response from the Los Angeles Better Business Bureau. ZooZ Transportation failed to respond to my complaint. As such, the BBB has given them an F rating:

Here is the response from the BBB:

In the absence of any response from the company this complaint despite our two requests to them, we are closing our file on this complaint.

This unanswered complaint will become part of the information we report to the public on this company for the next three years. Should any government agency request our files on this company, your complaint will also be included.

If you have settled this complaint directly with the company, would you please email us to let us know that, as well as any other comments you might have. Your help in doing this is important to ensure that our report to the public on this company is accurate.

Thank you for using the Better Business Bureau.

Hopefully this will help deter any future customers from using their service.

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Here Is What Appears To Be The Response From ZooZ

I’m just going to go ahead and leave this here, because this is the level of professionalism you can expect from ZooZ Transportation. This appears to be from Erick Thomas. He refers to my wife as a “thing.” ZooZ said this exact same thing to me. The statement that there were “61 items in the quote but 142 in the move!” was something I heard during the “re-negotiation.” Erick Thomas specifically told me that very same line. The only people that could possibly have known this is ZooZ Transportation.. While it is possible someone guessed the exact number of items we moved, I’ll leave that up to your judgement. We indeed had the same argument that if this was the case, there was a serious flaw in their estimate process.

Regardless, ladies and gentlemen, this is how ZooZ Transportation treats their customers, I invite you to read on. In full faith and to the best of my knowledge, this is a message from ZooZ Transportation (please correct me if I’m wrong, but I have log files and can and will file discovery motions with the California court if need be):

you know,Erick instead of banging your wife(witch if i was on a desert island by self and she will be the only ‘thing’ there is out there,i would wish that a dinosaur will crack my flash and bone then too get ‘intimate’ that ‘thing’..).
first of all i look at your ‘order for service’(and i know a little bit about it).
binding not to exceed mean that when a customer give to the sells man a list of items and the customer(in that case that ‘thing’,the wife)need to be very specific,there for your ‘thing’(wife)try too take advantage of the moving company.
now my brother,Erick,you think that what you did cant hurt a moving companies,but you wrong.
your ‘thing’ give list of 61!!!!!!!!!!items!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the moving company took from your hunted house 142!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!items!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
now,dear Erick,maybe i ignorant,but when i go to the grocery store,my wife(not your ‘thing’)give me a list to by from the store.
sugar,Coffey,water,cookies,cackles,and diapers.
i know that with that list that my wife(not your ‘thing’..)provide to me,its not going to cost me more then $20-30 dollars.
but when i am there i ‘decided’ get soda,meat,whips,ice cream,toilet paper,paper towels,cigarettes,and more and more…
when i got back home my wife will say “babe all i said its this and this and that”…and it need to be $20-30…
the bill now his $120 dollars cues i decided to bring more things that what she SAID!!!
you see my brother,don’t bl aim the moving companies,for your mistake,or try to make your ‘thing’(wife..)feel better about what happened too you,bl aim your self!!!
and where we coming from,when we get a discount,we say thank you,and move on.
but i Guss you where the Little kid from school that every one used to pick at,but guess what my brother,i hope that one day you will enjoy your life with the ‘thing’ and stop blaming every one for your MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!

‘and ther is nothing that shoew

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ZooZ Transportation Gets Active On This Site

I can only assume that the employees at ZooZ Transportation are upset about this website. But this evening, this comment came in on the “Is It Too Late For You?” page that really had me laughing:

i Guss Jojo mom and daddy was raping little Jojo when she was little cou’s her looser daddy and her junkie mother was never there,when she grow up,she hated every one in the world,so Jojo…who ever you might be,we will pray for you and wish you all the best and what ever you need you know how to get hold of USS.
and don’t be mad it don’t mean that if you didn’t make it in the real world,some one else will.

Some interesting facts about this comment include the fact that it came from Irvine, California ( and that the email address that was included in the post was

The email address is the part that made this the most amusing. “Erick” is not a very common name. Eric and Erik are fairly common, but not Erick. In fact, the only person I’ve met in my entire life with the name Erick is Erick Thomas from ZooZ Transportation.

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Response From the FMCSA

I received the following response via US postal mail from the FMCSA regarding my complaint:

I particularly like the “We will ask company officials to respond directly to you” part of it. The last time I talked to ZooZ Transportation is when I called the number for Mainline Moving and Storage and got Victoria (from ZooZ Transportation). She hung up on me when I identified myself.

The chances of ZooZ Transportation calling me back are slim to none. They know that I don’t want any money and they know they can’t bribe me to take this website down, so they have no reason to call.

Also, I’ve requested documents from the Los Angeles County Clerk regarding the recent (as of 3/25/2011) filing of a “Fictitious Business Name” for “ZOOZ MOVING STORAGE.” I expect to receive that by next Thursday and I will post the documents immediately.

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Katie Sends In Some New Information

Another ZooZ victim, Katie, sends in her horror story with Mainline Moving/ZooZ Transportation… and all I can say is “Wow.” With all of these stories coming in, I’m starting to feel like I made it out of this lucky.

But Katie also has done some research and believes that the following companies are probably all the same. Note: I cannot confirm this list.

  • Flat Price Moving & Storage
  • Four Seasons Van Lines Inc.
  • Universal Moving and Storage
  • Sunshine moving
  • Moving Direct Van Lines
  • Hercules Moving

Also, please be aware that Budget Van Lines (a moving broker) can possibly contract out jobs to ZooZ transportation. The main supervisor is friends with Shimon Sason and Erick Thomas. I spoke with her directly to get them to attempt to drop ZooZ from their list of transportation companies, but she basically said no way.

If you’re a representative of one of these companies and you wish to refute these claims, by all means post a comment.

She also adds this:

Zooz Transportation has several addresses, one in Reno, NV, one in Las Vegas, NV, one in Van Nuys, CA, one on Rock Springs WY, and another in Valley Village, CA. I believe all of the companies listed above are fraudulent moving companies operated by the same individuals operating Mainline. Shimon Sason is apparently the CEO of Mainline and I believe he is Leon. When I was on the phone with him I asked him his last name and he said “Smith”.

There are multiple sites online that claim this man is a scammer so I think that is why he calls himself Leon as I have told them I found scam reports and I knew that David and Simon were the owners of Mainline and that this was a scam. I also found an ad on Craigslist where they were hiring sales people. It lists the following email: which I am assuming is Shimon Sason’s and numbers to call Leon.

They had purchased the Mainline company when it had an A+ BBB rating and within there contract they had the right to use the name Mainline for ten years. I believe these people do this regularly in order to convince consumers that they are a good company and to use their services. Then extort money out of the consumer and eventually sell their stuff on Craigslist. When I typed in the phone number David gave me for his “east coast manager” named Eli who was supposed to know when my shipment would arrive (before they wanted the $1500) the search results list several expired listings for items for sale on the New Jersey Craigslist with the email address I think this is a huge scam, a ring of fraudulent companies with who knows how many victims. These people do not have facilities and trucks; they have access to the internet. Please investigate this and help.

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Choosing a Moving Company

I have a few helpful tips for choosing a moving company. You can ignore this advice at your own peril:

  1. Don’t pick ZooZ Transportation
  2. If the company does not come out to your house to do an estimate after viewing your property, do not trust them. All major carriers will send someone to your home to give you a real esitmate
  3. Your estimate is junk. It means absolutely nothing. Choosing a moving company based on price is the wrong thing to do. If someone is low-balling your move estimate, they’re just going to jack it up after the fact.
  4. Take an inventory of everything you own before you move. If you’re like me, you probably think “oh only an anal retentive ass would do something like that.” I felt the same way. As of today, I’m incredibly happy my wife did this
  5. Go to this site and read it all! – The information on that site is awesome.

When I moved from Denver to Washington, I used a broker for Allied Van Lines. The broker came to my house and did an inventory. They gave me an estimate based on what was to be moved. My move cost me exactly what they said it would cost. The Allied Van Lines drivers that came and picked up my stuff were the same drivers that came and dropped it off.

I recommend that anyone trying to argue on price re-evaluate your position. If you try to save a few bucks by going with these fly-by-night companies like ZooZ Transportation, you’re going to end up spending more in the long run. Use a well-known and highly regarded company like Allied or Mayflower. Their quote may be higher, but their quote is probably accurate.

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