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  1. Hope This Helps says:

    Here is some additional information worth posting.

    The owner is Oren Osadon.. The best office # to reach him at is 855-297-9505 Fax # 818-988-4011
    The assistant there is Victoria who goes by “Tori” her direct fax is 818-351-7161
    The 310-430-8907 # you have is for Saimon Sason the CEO. It’s his direct cell # Even though the voicemail says shawn.
    This information is accurate as of March 10th, 2011

    • econnell says:

      Thank you for the additional information, whoever you are. Again, I’m sorry you had to deal with this company. It sounds like you have a rather good story about ZooZ. I’d love for you to share your story with the rest of the world, too.

  2. Lost Customer says:

    I have been looking for moving companies and found ZooZ to be one of my top picks. I started narrowing my picks and doing more research on the BBB and through GOOGLE. These guys check out with an A- on the BBB with only 2 comments (both negative). Then I Googled them and found this glowing review. Almost every company i have found has at least 1 horror story but this tops most of them. I have made up my mind and will not be using them because of this review. So you have made your voice heard and helped me out. Thanks.

    • Lost Customer says:

      Why haven’t you filled anything with the BBB? More people see that website. I just happen to be a little extra careful with my research and came across this.

      • econnell says:

        I filed a complaint last weekend. I got notification that the complaint was submitted to ZooZ on Tuesday, March 8th, 2011. I also filed a complaint about Mainline Moving and Storage. The BBB says they have 14 days to respond. I agree that the BBB complaint is an awesome forum, but my level of dissatisfaction was too great to just do that alone.

        Wait until you hear about what ZooZ has to say about the BBB when I finish the next page — The Quote (revisited). I also have a recording of my phone call with the CEO on the actual delivery date. That’s gonna be a good listen as well.

  3. Nancy says:

    It is too late for me and I am so sorry I used them. I, too, checked the BBB and other sources and felt certain I was choosing the right company. I asked for packers on the front end and off-loaders on the receiving end. I was assured of both and paid extra for the packers. The truck arrived almost a week late with two men (one was a graphic designer who couldn’t find work in his field). Neither new anything of the packing. They also said I would be over the estimated weight so Zooz cut me a flat rate “deal”. After 12 hours of packing and loading, the truck finally departed to arrive at the destination almost a week after the promised delivery date – again with two men who spoke almost no English. They insisted on cash payment before they would unload a single item – I had purchased money orders. They moved all of the merchandise into the house and left – leaving me and my husband with putting bed frames, etc. back together. Again, I had been promised that the off-loaders would assemble the furniture. The master bed furniture (less than a year old) was nearly trashed – the box springs had holes punched in the fabric and the mattress was filthy. The guest bed furniture was chipped. Some of the electronic equipment was dented and one piece totally trashed. Almost all the dishes were broken and one box never arrived at all. In short, if it could be dirtied, broken, chipped, or damaged in any way, it was! And this is just the beginning! We also had problems contacting Erick and Brian throughout this nightmare. I am currently trying to reach Brian and am looking for email addresses so I can forward the pictures of the disaster. I WILL be filing my complaints with the BBB and if I can come up with email addresses, I’ll happily share those with you.

  4. Saved me Trouble! says:

    Thanks for doing this site. They just called me today with an unbelievably low estimate. You saved me a big headache What a nightmare! BTW, I found more info that I captured on two PDFs from their federal registration. Email me if you want me to send.

  5. Shaun Rapp says:

    Zooz has my stuff, and is moving it from California to Indiana. This is such a nightmare!
    They picked up my stuff on February 24th. Did not send me an inventory to sign on until the following evening. On top of that, they only picked up 2/3 of my stuff, so now another truck should be following the first one.
    The doubled from the original quote.
    I have paid them $405.00 deposit with Visa through Budget Van Lines.
    I have not paid a dime since, nor have I signed any paperwork for Zooz at all!

    They are telling me they will be here either Friday of Saturday (the date keeps changing).
    They now want me to wire them $1500.00
    I do not want to wire them the money, as I am SCARED to wire them another dime!
    They say (not in written agreement) that I will owe a total of 2700.00 $1500 wired now, and the rest at delivery. They also ‘say’ that the contents of the second truck is free for me, and that it will be delivered within a week of the first truck!
    Our original zooz paperwork says a quote of $3800.00
    I am at extreme unease.
    If you have any advice or help for us, please call my Husband immediately at (317) XXX-XXXX [edited out]

    We do not have much money. We are borrowing money to pay the remaining $1400 at delivery. Who knows if we will ever even see the second truck?
    We are crushed and heart broken : (
    If we had to, atleast our $1500 could buy us a bed and kitchen table, and a few items to live on, but if we wire it to zooz, we will have nothing, and perhaps no stuff too.

    Please call my Husband and explain this horror to him first hand. We must make a decision in the next few days. : (

    Cheryl [Name Redacted]

  6. Shaun Rapp says:

    Please edit out our full names until we are done with zooz completely. Just in case it presents us with any more trouble in the next few dealings with them.

    [editor's note: i felt the same way when dealing with this company. I was so scared of retribution that I didn't want to make any complaints]

  7. Susan says:

    I moved from Oregon to North Carolina. Zooz Transportation has my furniture and I have been waiting for it since 3/4. They picked it up three days late on 2/22 after countless calls and lies about the date it would be shipped it left Portland on 3/14. (apparently) I cannot reach the driver or anyone fron Zooz transport. This has been a nightmare Erik has been rude and has not said one truthful thing except he will never return my calls or take them. He did scream he has 21 business days to deliver well that deadline has past. Brian is just the messenger so it is not his problem and I am still sitting on the floor. I have been advised to call the attorney general and I will go to the better business bureau and every other agency I can, to try and recover something. This is horrendous to me and I keep thinking it will turn out OK.
    Thanks for putting this site up.

  8. Katie says:

    I hired a company called Mainline Transportation, they are Zooz Transportation now and are using several other company names. I paid them and they held my property hostage so I had to go through the Dept. of Transportation filing a hostage complaint and the police who cut the lock off the storage (luckily I knew where my stuff was). Here is the hostage complaint:

    I initially requested a quote based on 2800 pounds from Mainline Transportation who provided a link to an A+ BBB rating on 10/13/10 to move from Fernley, NV to Pulaski, VA and received a estimated cost of $1415, this quote was later changed by adding items to $2000 for 4200 pounds and I agreed to that amount and paid a $500 deposit. I was told that a truck would come from their corporate headquarters in Idaho, pick up my shipment, and weigh it. I was told that I would pay for the weight of my shipment so if it came out less weight than in the estimate, I paid less, if it came out more, I paid $0.48 per pound. On 11/08/10, three men showed up with two trucks, one a rented Uhaul and the other a white unmarked truck, to pick up my shipment and claimed that I had about 620 cubic feet. They shrink wrapped everything without asking if I wanted these services. I was told when I got my estimate that they would use blankets to wrap my items free of charge. They were told which items stored in the garage were to be taken, but didn’t listen and started to pack other possessions not belonging to me. When they were asked to take the items off the truck that were not to be shipped, they threw them off and were extremely rude. While the shipment was being loaded on a rented 26′ Uhaul, one of the men had my friend sign papers and told her that they were release forms and insurance forms. These papers were mailed to me by my friend and turned out to be a new contract for $3600 and my $500 deposit was not credited to the contract and the Bill of Lading was incomplete, as well as the inventory list and most of the other papers. Once they had my stuff on the truck, they called me at my location in Virginia and told me that I have way more weight than estimated and that I should go with the cubic feet and they will give me a good deal or I will end up paying close to $5000 when they weigh the truck. They said they would give me a deal and ship it for $3600 claiming I had almost 8000 pound and over 1100 cubic feet. The 26′ Uhaul can carry a max weight of 7100 pounds and holds 1600 cubic feet. The truck they used was only half full, but they claimed I had more weigh than the truck would have been able to carry and it wasn’t full, only half. I asked if they could weigh it and they said if they weighed it I would be stuck with a price of around $5000. I told them to take my stuff off the truck and they informed me that I agreed to a contract and they could not do that. I told them if they are charging me $3600 I will have to use my free month worth of storage that is in my contract. They, at first, tried to deny that I had a free month of storage in my contract, but eventually agreed to it when my friend pointed it out to them in the driver’s copy of my initial quote. I was told that my shipment would be taken to Van Nuys, CA and stored in their facility. I asked why it wouldn’t be stored in Idaho as that is where I was told they were located and the man did not answer; he refused to give me the address of their facility in Van Nuys as well. When I called the number provided by my sale rep, who was supposed to be the person I would deal with through the entire move, he informed me that he no longer worked for Mainline and gave me another number to reach their office in Van Nuys. I called that number and spoke with someone there who assured me my shipment would be weighed and safely stored in Idaho to be delivered the following month. Within one week I received a call from a man named JD informing me he was from Mainline moving and he had arrived in Pulaski, VA with my shipment and would need to collect $3600. This was in addition to the $500 deposit I had already paid, so at this point they were trying to get $4100 for the move. I told the driver that my shipment was to have been stored for one month after being weighed. He let me know that they had not informed him of this and he would have to call and see what to do. A few hours later after not hearing back, I called them and was told that my shipment would be stored in their facility in Virginia. They refused to tell me where it was located or any information about this facility. I went online and tried to find said facility, but was unable to. They don’t have a facility here, or anywhere. I called the original sales rep that had given me my first estimate to ask if he knew where their facility was as they refused to tell me. He informed me that he didn’t know and when I told him what was going on he informed me that that was why he left the company. He didn’t want to be associated with shady moving companies and went elsewhere. At this point I had spoke to a man named David, the initial sales rep was named Robert Michalski, and I spoke with a woman who went by Victoria. I called David back, he wouldn’t tell me where my shipment was, they hadn’t weighed it, and he was demanding I pay the $3600. I asked him why my $500 deposit was not credited and at first he tried to deny I even paid that. Then he agreed to credit my deposit and wanted $3100. They said they would store my shipment until I was ready with the $3100. I asked again where my shipment was being stored and was told by David that it was in Lexington, VA. When I asked where he asked why. I said that it was my property and I should know. He lied and said it was at a storage called Richmond Climate Control Mini Storage. He refused to give me the phone number and address. He said that when I was ready to receive my shipment to call him and hung up. I went online and looked up this storage company, no exact result, so I started making phone calls and finally found Lexington Self Storage who informed me that Mainline had contracted storage that day. I told her my name and that the property was mine and thanked her for letting me know where it was. She told me that they had left it in there without a lock and she put one on so my stuff was safe. I have kept in contact with the storage through all of this making sure my shipment was not moved and that the storage fees were being paid. My shipment has been in the storage facility for three months now. When my free month of storage was nearly up, I called David at Mainline and told him we were ready for our shipment, but that we wanted it weighed, they refused, we went back and forth on this for a week or so until I had my partner call and they finally agreed to weight it. They stated they would call us back the following week to let us know when they would be arriving. No call, no show. I called David again and was told that they were not going to weigh it and that I had to pay the $3100 again. We went rounds again and they agreed to ship our stuff after it was weighed and we would have it the following week, no call, no show. This went on for a more weeks and on 1/12/11 David proposed that we put $1000 in their account at Bank of America and we would get our stuff shipped and we would have it by the following weekend, but they would not weigh it. I asked him if I heard him correctly, that if I paid them $1000, they would give us our shipment. He said yes. I them asked him to send that in writing and he had his “secretary” Victoria do so. This is what it said:

    “Kati Cummings,

    In reference to your conversation with David, We have agreed to deliver the items after you have deposit $1,000 into our account. If you have any further questions please contact us via email or by phone. Thank you!


    Customer Care

    Mainline Transportation, Inc.

    (877) 307-6901

    So upon receiving this email, we deposited the money into the account and called David back asking them to send us a receipt. Again he had Victoria do so and we received an invoice that showed our $1000 payment, but also had a remaining balance listed on it. I wasn’t sure what to think of this. I was told that they would deliver our shipment after receiving the $1000, not that I would have to pay more and that they were giving me a deal because of all of the time that has lapsed and the aggravation. I called David again and was told not to worry about that and that my shipment would arrive in a couple days and that the driver would call me 24 hours in advance. When they didn’t show or call, I called David again and was told my shipment was delayed due to weather and it would be there in a couple of days. Again no call, no show. When I called again, I was told I had to pay them $2100. At this point I began to research the company further and found other scam reports similar to what I was experiencing. I let them know what I had found and that they were scamming me. They hung up, didn’t return calls… Then finally when I called and got a hold of David, he had me talk to his “supervisor” named Leon. Leon informed me that I had to pay $2200 if I wanted them to ship my property or I could pay them $1500 and they would put my name on the storage and I could pick it up myself. I told them they couldn’t do what they were doing, that they never even weighed my shipment, and that I would report them to the Dept. of Transportation… They don’t care. They still have my property in this storage unit under the Name of Victoria Torrez. The storage facility will not release the property to me as my name is not on it and they are worried that Mainline will get them in trouble if they do so and they will loose their license. I do not want to put any more money in these people’s account as they may never put my name on the storage and I will be out another $1500. When I called the Dept. of Transportation, I was told that their license was revoked. They have 36 complaint filed with the BBB 15 of which are unanswered, and they are not accredited. After finding this out, I called Leon back and was told they were going bankrupt. They still want the $1500 from me and have sent me an email stating they will auction off my stuff as I “refuse” to pay the remaining balance. When I found out they weren’t licensed anymore, I asked a friend of mine to call the number I have been using to reach Mainline and see if they would move her. She called, spoke with Victoria, and she emailed her a quote for a 4 bedroom house and vintage car at $1885 with the name of Tori Murillo at the bottom. The part that caught my attention was that the quote was from another company, Zooz Transportation. They became another company. The same number that I contact Mainline was answered by Victoria, but produced an estimate for a different company. I went online and began plugging in addresses, phone numbers… So far, I have found six companies that I believe these people operate under besides Mainline and Zooz Transportation. They are:

    Flat Price Moving & Storage

    Four Seasons Van Lines Inc.

    Universal Moving and Storage

    Sunshine moving

    Moving Direct Van Lines

    Hercules Moving

    Zooz Transportation has several addresses, one in Reno, NV, one in Las Vegas, NV, one in Van Nuys, CA, one on Rock Springs WY, and another in Valley Village, CA. I believe all of the companies listed above are fraudulent moving companies operated by the same individuals operating Mainline. Shimon Sason is apparently the CEO of Mainline and I believe he is Leon. When I was on the phone with him I asked him his last name and he said “Smith”. There are multiple sites online that claim this man is a scammer so I think that is why he calls himself Leon as I have told them I found scam reports and I knew that David and Simon were the owners of Mainline and that this was a scam. I also found an ad on Craigslist where they were hiring sales people. It lists the following email: which I am assuming is Shimon Sason’s and numbers to call Leon. They had purchased the Mainline company when it had an A+ BBB rating and within there contract they had the right to use the name Mainline for ten years. I believe these people do this regularly in order to convince consumers that they are a good company and to use their services. Then extort money out of the consumer and eventually sell their stuff on Craigslist. When I typed in the phone number David gave me for his “east coast manager” named Eli who was supposed to know when my shipment would arrive (before they wanted the $1500) the search results list several expired listings for items for sale on the New Jersey Craigslist with the email address I think this is a huge scam, a ring of fraudulent companies with who knows how many victims. These people do not have facilities and trucks; they have access to the internet. Please investigate this and help.

    I know they are the same group of people because I had a friend call the same number for Mainline and request a quote be emailed to her. When she got the quote, it was from Zooz Transportation. I have copies of all of the paperwork and the quote if need be. Thought you might want to be aware of this. When I got my property, half was missing and it was all damaged, think they literally threw it off the truck. Let me know if you would like copies… Also if you know of any way to help, let me know. Thank you!

  9. Katie says:

    Oh and I have pics of the damage too if you’d like.

  10. Katie says:

    Also this is the info listed on the BBB:

    Zooz Transportation
    Address: 12450 Burbank Blvd.
    Valley Village, CA 91607
    Tel: (818) 299-2752
    Web Site:
    Contact: Asaf Sharvit – Owner
    Business Start Date: 5/1/2009
    Company ID: 100099934

    Asaf Sharvit – Owner?

    They are not accredited either. File a complaint people!

  11. jojo says:

    this is great info just want to add that this com was open in 2009 by Asaf Sharvit the original owner they probably got it from him just like mainline transportation but any ways this comp is not suppose to work because they are not active with the D.O.T here is the web site for federal licensing and insurance they are in the process but they are not authorized to work yet .any customer that is being contacted by this comp need to report it to the D O T (DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION )@909-937-2949 ONTARIO CA BTW mainline transportation is inactive to some one needs to put this IDIOTS behind bars

  12. Mrs B says:

    We just moved and used this horrid company! Let me tell you our story. We are moved to Idaho, but in a motel as the house isn’t ready yet. I spoke to TJ, and we set everything up and my delivery date was not until today. or tomorrow or next week.

    Tj gave me a quote of 1505 after I gave him a detailed list. We have just lost our home to foreclosure as if that wasn’t enough stress. All our belongings were in storage. We didn’t even take the entire contents of the house, no kitchen appliances or couch. Just some furniture and about 40 small to medium sized boxes.

    My pickup was scheduled for March 29 at the storage facility. We were told we’d get a phone call from the driver 24 hours prior to pickup. we never got a call on the 28 so I called them. I was told the truck was delayed a day d0to maintenance. OK Fine.

    so the driver calls me and says that they will be there on the 30th at 10 am. We are in a motel 30 miles away so that’s a good thing. We decide to leave early, I wanted to get my photos from the storage just in case something went wrong, I had a window of what I would pay total and if it exceded that I was going to tell them to keep the stuff.

    At 9 am I get a call, we were already in route to the storage and 5 minutes away so I could get there an hour early to load what I could in our car. The guy said they’d be there in 5 minutes. fine but I had to go pickup my son. so we get there and Eli, shows up with two helpers. we are going through the paper work and he then tells me that the price will be 2800 dollars, as he is putting his job on the line with this price because I have So much stuff. He is going by cubic foot, everything I read in my research of moving companies told me to use weight for the best price, but Eli assures me that it would be 9,000 to 10,000 dollars to do it by weight. I’m not happy but agree knowing that this price will be binding in the end because my “stuff” won’t grow or expand in transit. Our move was only 427 miles.

    We had an end table with glass top, we tried to remove the glass top but apparently it had been glued in because neither me nor my husband could get it out. I left to pick up my son, on returning all our boxes were loaded, so much for getting our photos. Not only that but eli approaches me and says one of his guys cut his hand on glass, it was the glass from that table, apparently he tried forcing the glass out and it broke. So I decided NOT to take that table.

    I asked Eli on two or three occasions to give me a delivery date, he said he couldn’t tell me and I would have to call the office for that. I ddin’t call right away beccause I wanted to get on the road.

    We get the paperwork and head out when they are done loading, it’s noon. Its a late start so we drive about 4 hours and decide to get a room near the Oregon WA border. I’m worried that they will beat us to Idaho, but my husband assures me that we have time to rest up before traveling the rest of the way because the contract stated that the drivers will notify us 24 to 48 hours in advance prior to delivery.

    We check into the room, it is 4 in the afternoon on the 30th. At 6 pm Eli sends me a text message wanting me to tell him when I want them there on the 31st. I tell him in a text message that the soonest we can be there is 2pm. He writes back ” No, no good we have to be out of there by 10 so we will be there for delivery between 8 and 9 am”

    We are a good 6 hours away, the weather is rainy and there are mountains to travel and I don’t see well at night. I ask him if there is any way he can deliver later, he writes back saying No sorry blah blah blah….( I saved all the texts messages by the way )

    We get on the road early, but figure we will be there by 10 or 11 but had some car trouble on the way and were delayed. They would not stop texting wanting to know when we’d be there. Said they were waiting.

    he calls and writes and states that it’s not nice of us to do this and that he has lost a job because of us…oh it gets worse, much worse, a little later he writes that he has to charge us 100 dollars for every hour we are late. He says again that he’s putting his job at risk because its normally 125 dollars an hour and he’s being kind to us..yeah right and that at this time it will be 1500 dollars we will have to come up with when we get there to have the truck unloaded. I paid him 1110 when they loaded the truck and was only supposed to pay them 1310 when I got there to our new rental.

    A little later, another text. He claims that he has been “fayerd” apparently some sort of speak for “fired” because of us being so late and he demands 1650 cash upon our arrival or they will not unload the truck.

    Like this hasn’t been stressful enough.

    they ask us to notify them when we are close to our destination. We do, they are there when we arrive but down the road, they pull into they yard behind the next door neighbors house, it’s the most easy access to our house. He wants the money. I give him the 1650 ( cash )and he takes it and walks to the rear of the house away from every one with it.

    They unload the truck. The owner and his helper are in the house working on the final details, like plumbing. Everything is unloaded, I see that my dryer has a huge dent in it, My husband said it’s because they stacked the washing machine on top of it.

    Eli, has me sign the final paperwork, I observe that he did not adjust the final moving cost, I bring it to his attention before I sign, he ORDERS me to just sign the paper so they can be off. I”ve got the text demanding the additional money so I sign but am not comfortable with it.

    They cannot leave, heavy rain here left the ground soft and they got their truck stuck. They try getting it unstock for a few hours before finding tire chains and getting it out but they left they grass in total ruin. Some holes in the yard about 6″ deep from their tires. finally after 2 or 3 hours of trying to get the truck unstuck they find tire chains in the back and get out.

    WE WILL NEVER USE A MOVING COMPANY AGAIN!! If you want photos of the yard write me at my email I’ll send some.

  13. jojo says:

    so I’ve heard ur audio recording with shawn and that is actually SIMON SASON thats his voice he is using different names he is also leon and david from mainline transportation he is the owner of the comp and OREN OSADON is just his little bitch(he also goes by different names) and yes katie is right
    four seasons
    sunshine moving and storage
    are his comp also 100%

    • erick says:

      i Guss Jojo mom and daddy was raping little Jojo when she was little cou’s her looser daddy and her junkie mother was never there,when she grow up,she hated every one in the world,so Jojo…who ever you might be,we will pray for you and wish you all the best and what ever you need you know how to get hold of USS.
      and don’t be mad it don’t mean that if you didn’t make it in the real world,some one else will.

      • econnell says:

        I only approved this comment because this seems like exactly what I’d expect from ZooZ Transportation. I can’t prove that’s the case, but this seems about right.

      • jojo says:

        ohhh did i hit a soft spot ? well u know what they say TRUTH HEARTS . i have always suspected that ur oren osadon ERICK and for me its prof that im right .that’s way my post pissed u off .im sorry that ur parents did that to you that will explain way ur a disturb little girl way ur ripping people of .

  14. Katie says:

    Spoke with Leon, or Shawn, or Simon… whoever the hell he is this morning about my move with Mainline. When I asked him how I can file a claim, he said he doesn’t handle that. When I asked him who I call, he said there is no one to call. Uh, okay.

  15. Katie says:

    Oh, I called the number listed here, it’s his cell, poor bastard was sleeping, my bad.

  16. Hope This Helps says: Here is where you can submit an online complaint to report this company for violating interstate and intrastate laws by being unlicensed and uninsureed to the US Dept of Transporation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You can also call them at 1-888-DOT-SAFT (1-888-368-7238)

  17. Jennifer Cooper says:

    [Editor's Note: I've been sitting on this comment for at least two weeks. I wasn't sure what to make of it since it just seemed so off the wall and unbelievable. New information has come to light that validates the connection between Robert Michalski, Chris Michalski, and Maxx Socher. As such, I've decided to approve this comment]

    Oh, Bother where art THOU? Well, I’ll tell you what I know about the little Scammer I came across at a party, soliciting Job proposals to help him scam innocent people like yourselves. Drinking heavily and shooting up. His name is Robert (Bobby)Michalski! He told us he uses fake names and changes his Phone # more often than he changes his expensive clothes. By the way- I’ve been real close to him. He’s better at scamming. His girl friend/ fiance wasn’t home at the time, the girls mother was leaving when I got there – I guess she’s doing him too, I could smell the perfume on him. Any how, He is unfaithful in all area’s of his pathetic life. He hides behind proffessional companies- ruining their names as he goes. He has a beautiful home and takes frequent trips to Florida to visit his brother, with the money that he scams from you guys. Due to the fact that he does all of his HANDY work off the internet, no one has managed to find this individual. Well, he hides in Cleveland, Tennessee.( apt. must be in moms name or something) Matter of fact XXX XXXXXXX XX, Cleveland, Tennessee 37311. The last number I called was a new # (423)381-XXXX advertising for Main Line Transportation. Since my ph# comes up UNKNOWN they do not know it is me when I call and the girl friend does not know what car I drive- so I drive by there frequently. He sells crappy dope. I guess the suckertaies name is Mekayla. Well, I have fulfilled my civic dutie , in revealing to you the imposter that I know and as he recruits new accomplises , this will make your hunt even harder. What I tell you is TRUE. May you be able to get all your belongings back.

  18. Tim Avant says:

    My Friends, I only have something new to add, but I’m afraid the feedback and comments here are almost exactly the same as my experience.

    I too have filed complaints with the BBB, and US DOT FMCSA.

    The differences with my experience with MainLine Transportation is that I actually got a single (one) email response from my initial contact that provided a delivery date (whch was missed by 11 days, and several different “committments.”)

    When I referenced this communication, ALL communication became a challenge, and was only verbal.

    As I had contracted based on weight, and MainLine failed to produce an empty or loaded weight at pick up, I was successful in demanding and getting a destination loaded/empty weight.

    The irony here is that I had actually INCREASED the weight that was being used for the initial estimate, as I felt that the Salesman hadn’t calculated correctly the amount we would potentailly move. This resulted in a higher estimate, and I was OK with it, as I was assured that if the weight came in low, that I’d only have to pay the difference. I paid the balance of the estimate in full at delivery, as the driver and “Leon” insisted that they would not unload until paid per the contract.

    Based on the two weight tickets at delivery, the estimate was an incremental $901 to actual cost. However, when I asked for the refund of the over paid amount, their intrepretation of the contract changed from a “not to exceed” to “minimum.”

    This doens’t even begin to describe the damage and missing items. I also had a box and one other item delivered that wasn’t mine. I told the driver this, as it was discovered by my wife while we are at the weigh station, but the driver would not go back and pick it up. I informed MainLine (both verbally and in writing) but they never followed through on their committment to have the box picked up.

    The other difference in my experience is that I was provided a process to file a claim. Claims Source International was their 3rd party vendor to manage their claims. However, Mainline intereacted with them just as they have with me and everyone else I’m aware of, and after 6 months, and two reinstatements, CSI informed me that they would no longer process my claim or any others with MainLine.

    I contacted MainLine and talked with both Victoria, and “Leon.” I was told by both that they would “get back with me” on how to proceed.

    I have numerous email receipts showing my emails were received, and READ by several principles, but since March 18, 2011, the only email being delivered was to

    I will attempt to reach them via some of the other email addresses noted here.

    I’m considering all options, including a trip to Southern CA (I’m in the Stockton CA area) and suing in small claims court.

    Had they followed through on ANY committment, I would have let this go. But the blatant disregard for courtesy and professionalism, and the out right lying begs to for action to be taken.



  19. vert unhappy says:

    I booked this company to move my parents from Az to Ok. They were to arrive on the morning of March 23, 2011. I was to have gotten a call from them on the 22nd confirming this date and time. By 5:00 pm that day I called them, they told me they would be there on the 24th. I did raise a stink and they showed up at 8:00 am on the 23rd. I was told that they were sending a 28 foot truck for my parents stuff. They showed up with the 28 foot truck, but had filled half of the truck with someone elses stuff. They were unable to take everything. To make a long story short, I have spoken to Erick, David, Richard (who told me to not call them back), Shawn who told me this morning that they would pick up the rest by next week, Tori and Amerie. I have been promised 6 times now that a truck would be there. Latest being yesterday. I had a local moving company pick up the remaining items and taken to their storage facility. Zooz transportation has paid them for picking up the stuff and for the storage fees. As of this time I have contacted the USDOT and filed a complaint and yes you can report them. As of this time I have also been told they have fired Erick and Shawn, but I could say that I continue to speak to the same person. They do have language problems. They part of the load that was delivered look like it had been thru a tornado.
    I hope for everyone involved with this company and anyone that is thinking of using them should look else where.

  20. Stephanie Crowe says:

    Well, I guess I’m the latest victim to get Zoozed. Angel and his fellow drunk moving team are in the process of unloading my truck right now and as I type this I am watching them stumble along on the grass with my stuff in tow. I was surprised I didn’t get drunk from the fumes coming off him as I got close enough to pay him the money. They are officially 14 days late at this point and the only reason they are here at all right now is because of a technicality The DOT was able to get them on with my paperwork. Otherwise I’m pretty sure I would be in the same place of being hung up on by the lovely Erick and the rest of the customer service dynamo team at ZOOZ. Why isn’t this company shut down yet???!!!! Another question I have is shouldn’t the BBB start taking some responsibility for allowing such a company to join their website? It was my naive thought that the BBB did their due diligence with each company prior to allowing them on the site. I guess they will allow anyone the chance to join as long as they have a check. I know I NEVER would have gone with this company had they not been on the BBB website and I’m pissed.

  21. Robin and Joe Cronin says:

    A week and a half ago I was a victim of Zooz. My story is identical to everyones, but would like to make a few comments. Zooz was a sub contractor for Worldwide and we had no clue about them until threes days late they were packing our belongings. I encourage everyone to find out who the actual movers will be and do a quick check on them as soon as they know.

    The other note we would like to point out is one person used the referenced names in the other accounts. Most times he could not remember who he represented himself as and would argue he had already spoken with us. He probably did but did not realize he used a different name.

    I have never dealt with such unprofessionals in my life, and hope to never again. I sent the link to this website to Worldwide and only hope they will never use Zooz Transportation again.

  22. mikki says:

    I had a very bad experience with Zooz. My bill was almost was about $2000 more than first quoted. They ruined so many work & antiques. Thank goodness I took additional insurance! I learned a good lesson. You need to go with national movers.

  23. Totally disgusted says:

    We had booked Zooz transportation back in February 2011 to have a move done from Idaho to Colorado. The dispatcher was more than helpful and said that they needed a big truck in that part of the country and gave us a great deal. We were supposed to have (according to the company) 5 movers to come in with a large truck to move our 4 bedroom house. The movers were supposed to be there between 8-10am on March 19. We recieved a call on the 18th saying that the movers would be there on time. Later that same day we recieved another phone call saying that the movers would be there between 2-4PM. We said that is NOT exceptable and that we were already conformed for their arrival between 8-10AM. Well we had to settle for them arriving between 10am-noon with Erik, the dispatcher. The time had come and went and the packers didn’t show up til about 3pm. Then, it was only 2 guys with a 26 ft truck that had someone else’s stuff on it. The movers came in and prepared everything for when their help was too arrive. The mover, Bruce, who was excellent at his job and keeping us informed about what was going on, was in constant contact with Erik from dispatch. Erik kept assuring Bruce that the truck and his helpers were on the way. By 6pm that night, Erik finally told the movers that help wasn’t coming that night. Evidently our truck was coming from Reno, NV and got stuck in a snow storm! Erik would only talk to Bruce, the mover, at this time and refused to talk to my husband. The movers then had to take their truck to a local storage facility and drop off the “other person’s things” so that they could use this truck to start loading us up. We tried to warn them that they would never fit all of our belongings in this size truck. But they assured us, as they had been by Erik, that the other truck would be there on Sunday, the 20th. By 8pm they called it a night and we finally went to our hotel, having to return at 8am for the movers to get all of our things loaded, with help on the way. Sunday, March 20th, was the day that we were to physically make the trip to Colorado. Instead, my husband and eldest son went to meet the movers at 8AM. I needed to stay at the hotel for as long as possible with a child whom was running a high temperature and get him sorted out. The 2 packers from the previous evening had shown up, but NO extra help, and NO truck. So they did want they could. The 2 movers proceeded to pack all our things in this undersized truck. They assured us all the while that dispatch was sending some extra help and another truck. By noon we had found out that there was NO truck, and NO extra help coming. So we sat there on the floor in a freezing house waiting for these guys to get our belongings all packed up. About 6-7PM the packers ran out of room in the 26 ft truck that their dispatcher told them to use. We still had belongings in our garage when we left our house on that Sunday evening. After again talking to their dispatcher, Erik, the movers assured us that they would have someone come in Monday morning to get the rest of our things. So, we ended up staying in a local motel an additional night. On Monday morning my husband called to speak to Erik, whom would not even return his calls. By this time we had to get on the road and left the rest of our belongings in the garage to be picked up that day by the same moving company. With no one calling us back or even able to tell us whether or not our things were picked up, my husband finally got the owner (Shawn) involved. On Tuesday we finally got a phone call from Shawn telling us that the rest of our belongings were being put on a truck that morning. He said that he would check it out and make sure that everything was packed up and on the road to us. However, he never called us back. So we didn’t find out until Friday that all of our things were out of our house. It was the mover who called and let us know this information, not the owner or even the the dispatcher. Both Erik and Shawn no longer returned ANY phone calls that we made to them regarding this move. (Later we found out that our original movers had to hire a U-haul trailer and pack that with the remaining articles and pull that behind the 26 ft rented Penske truck). Orginally, we were to have our things packed up on Saturday, March 19th and delivered to us on Tuesday, March 22. Now, we couldn’t get anyone to tell us WHEN we would get our own furniture delivered to us. We were told that the truck broke down on Wednesday and that they were sending a mechanic to repair the truck so maybe we would get our stuff on Thursday. Then we finally heard from Bruce, the mover, on Friday night. Saying that he would be delivering our stuff on Saturday, and that he had it all. This was the first time all week that someone FINALLY confirmed that all the things were picked up from our house. We had to stay in a local motel in Colorado for 3 extra nights, and we were promised by Shawn, the owner, that he would contact the local motel and take care of the bill. We provided all the information to Shawn for the motel, but of course, NOTHING was taken care of. It all came out of our own pockets, etc. We had only expected to be displaced for a few days, that then turned into a week. The movers arrived, Saturday, to deliver and wanted the entire amount of the estimated cost for the weight of our move. However, our estimate was considerably more than the actual weight. They wanted us to pay the full estimate price and then contact the company to be reimbursed for the difference. But since we couldn’t get anyone to even call us back and let us know when we were going to get our furniture, etc. we were NOT trusting them to reimburse us money. When the movers arrived Saturday with our belongings, it was still only 2 people to unload it all. If we hadn’t helped them unload the truck, we would have been there all day and half of the night. The movers that actually did the work were great, and the person, Max, who orginally set this move up was great. However, the dispatcher Erik, and owner, Shawn were NOT. They do not know how to treat customers and their service stinks. I would NOT recomend this company to anyone.

  24. Tim Avant says:

    Complaint ID 98597658

    MainLine (ZooZ) failed to respond to my complaint via the BBB for Southern CA as well.

    I received the same response as posted above.



  25. Jen says:

    Me and my husband have become very well acquainted with zooz transportation. We just moved from UT to PA, we had found a moving company but were still shopping around to make sure we were getting a good company. My husband talked to max with zooz and he promised us that our stuff would be on a straight route and be there within 8 days at the latest he also promised that our stuff would never travel with anyone elses belongings. He gave us a quote and promised that there would be absolutely no additional charges unless we went over weight and that there was “no way with the things listed that we would be over weight.” we believed him and went with zooz. They were 5 days late picking up our belongings. We were un able to change our travel arrangement and had to leave, asking a good friend of mine to be there for them to load the truck and check us out of our apartment. My friend waited in the boxed up apartment for 5 hours with no word from the moving company. After calling several times we finally were able to talk to a dispatcher who said they would be there between 8 and 10 the next day. My friend was unable to sit and wait for them to not come the next day, so I had to ask my mom who had a wedding to go to at noon to help us she sat in the house from 8-1130 with no sign of them so we called and called with no answer. So she left soon after they called and said they were there. She went back only to realize they had packed the truck they had too full with other peoples belongings and had no room for all our stuff. They got another truck and finally finished loading our stuff at midnight. when they finished up I talked with the moving guy on the phone and he quoted me 1000 dollars in additional charges. I told him that was not gonna work and that we were not willing to pay that. He told me he had no control over it and that I would have to contact zooz. This was on the 18th of march it is now the 21 of April we received our belongings a couple days ago. And paid $700 dollars more then we owed on top of the expenses correlated with not having your belongings for a month. We have several broken items as well as my moms carpet cleaner that was supposed to stay in Utah! This is the condensed version of our story! Needless to say we will never ever deal with zooz again!!!!!!!!

  26. Mijinjax says:

    The link is to a story today about another man who got ripped off by this company.

  27. Taken and still have no furniture says:

    I called budget van lines tom get a quote for the furniture move and they contracted out Zooz unfortunately for us. This has been a total nightmare so far. They picked up our furniture on April 16th and we have no furniture as of yet. They do not return the phone calls and have screened our calls as we have friends call and they answer. I have so much to say about this company but am so angry about not having our stuff. We have been living with friends since the 20th! I can go on and on. Not sure T this point what my options are.

  28. Jeff says:

    Yet another victim with a similar story.

    My wife and I moved to CO from CA. In the beginning of March, we were set up by Erick to have Zooz move us directly from CA to CO via a transport truck. We had been in living in CO for a month or so looking for jobs, so my father was on the other end to help with the movers. The day of the move a small 20(+/-) Uhaul type moving van shows up instead of a large truck. The guys were rude, pushy and get this..transporting my stuff from Northern California to Los Angeles where it would be loaded on a large truck and moved to CO. In addition, the mover wants me to pay per cubic foot, instead of weight and mileage as I had agreed in contract with Zooz, because he said “those movers don’t know what the hell they’re doing and they constantly mis-estimate the weight by half”. My dad and I had been on the phone all day and he immediately called me when he heard this. I spoke with the mover and then called Erick with Zooz. I explained to Erick that I was unhappy and felt uncomfortable because the movers wanted to transport my belongings to Los Anegeles instead of directly to CO and that they were trying to change the method of payment. He agreed, and calmly told me that I could cancel the move and would have my deposit fully refunded. I did just that, and thought the headache of moving with Zooz Transportation was over.

    Immediately following the move I recieved a customer satisfaction call and was told I would get my refund on my deposit in a week or so. A couple weeks and no refund later I called Zoooz and was unable to get ahold of anyone. Their main number and extensions all went to the same generic voicemail, emails were bounced back, and no one was calling back. I called Erick’s number and had one of the strangest conversations ever. The man answering the phone just kept asking “who is this and who are you looking for”. I kept repeating “Erick”, until he told me that their was “no Erick there and I had the wrong number”. I told him that he was wrong and that I had spoken to Erick on this number previously multiple times. This went on a couple more times until he mumbled “hold on” and acted as if he was moving around and looking for someone. All of a sudden, the same man picks up the phone again and “it’s Erick and how can he help me?”!! I explained to him again my story and he said that he would put the request through and it would take a week for it to be processed. Of course, this didn’t happen. I tried Erick one more time a few weeks later and had a very unpleasant conversation. In the middle of explaining my story again, he cut me off to say “fuck Zooz I don’t work for them no more and you deal with them your fucking self” and just hung up the phone. Flash forward to present and I still have not recieved my deposit and Zooz Transportation seems to have gone off the grid.

    I wish I would have done more research on the company before I got into this. I see that they were changed to an “F” on the BBB. One last thing to add that could help someone track them down is that my original deposit shows up as a charge from Trans American Van Lines and not Zooz Transportation.

  29. Vee says:

    Ironically, I got Zoozed without even hiring them. I hired Sunshine Boys Moving, and THEY hired Zooz.

    I’m still working on the insurance forms.

  30. Murdoc Hughes says:

    My girlfriend has been battling with Mainline/Zooz since April 2011, we had them pack our stuff in September 2010. They wanted us to pay half before they delivered and the other half upon delivery, so in April when we finally got into our apartment, we called them and they said to transfer the money directly to their account. It took us 3 and a half weeks to finally get the right information from them, they gave us incorrect routing numbers (the one they need to order checks) and we got 2 different bank account numbers, so we finally had to go to the bank to get this information sorted out. After that they said that they wanted an extra $300 for a storage fee for the month of April. We told them that we weren’t going to pay because they can’t get their information straight. So after some bad noise they agreed to ship it without the extra $300. We called a few days later after not hearing a word from them, we told them we were moving to Amarillo, TX. They had our stuff on the way to Amarilloo, IA (Amarilloo, IA doesn’t exist. I don’t know where they were going.) with a Cedar River Zip code. I’d really like to know how they were on their way to a city in Iowa that isn’t there. And now they want another $1500 because they have to turn around and come down to TX. We contacted the DOT in Washington DC, and told them about this shady business. They had us file a complaint (from a different phone number) and are now investigating this business. Because now they are essentially holding freight hostage, because we’ve payed what was in our contract. (see Title 49 United States Code 14914)

    US Department of Transportation :1-888-368-7238 or go to and they will pass the information on to start the investigation.

    • Mary says:

      I’m in the middle of a nightmare moving experience. I booked a move with Budget Van Lines in April, who turned it over to Zooz. On May 6th, 2011 my property was picked up from Utah. It’s now June 30th (?) and I don’t even have a bed to sleep on. I moved from Utah to Florida. Zooz has possession of my entire life and will not deliver or tell me where my property is. (Utah??? California???) This crime ring must be stopped! I’m out nearly $3k (they want $2k more which is not the issue, I agreed to increased fee after they loaded the truck). At this point, I badly want my property (antiques and many other valuable (to me) items: Everything I own. I had no idea such a thing could happen. They have lied to me over and over again promising delivery dates, then not answering their phones for days on end. They are of the devil. I’ve filed complaints with Utah Attorney General, Consumer Protection and the same in California where their business allegedly is located. Also, reported theft to my county sherriff in Utah. I’m putting together packages of information to mail to all agencies. I will do whatever it takes to bring them down. This is a crime ring.

  31. D says:

    I took off 12 days to move my boyfriend cross country from AZ to NC. He had booked a moving company that was recommended to him buy a website that matches you with movers servicing your area. As I’m sure you all can guess he ended up hiring Zooz. The nightmare started early. They were late showing up for the move. They waited till after close of business to arrive and sprang it on him that the $1800 move he was quoted would cost him$7000 instead. Please note that this was even after he had sold a large portion of his furniture since the initial quote because he was going from a 2 to a 1 bedroom. After much arguing they agreed to take his large items (sofa, tvs, bed and golf clubs) for $1600. This left my boyfriend and I stuck frantically trying to fit what we could of his belongings into the back of his ford fusion before leaving the next morning to NC. My heart broke watching this man I love be forced to leave behind 30 years of personal belongings cause there simply wasn’t any room. That next morming as we squeezed ourselves into the very tightly packed ford he recieved a return call from the sales person who quoted him. He stated that he had mo idea why the foreman would have changed the price. He assured my boyfriend that he would investigate and get right back to him. We still have never heard from him. As we drove cross country on that first day, still in shock from all that he had already lost I received a call from my mom. She had googled Zooz and found your site. I hopped on to my iPhone and began to read over the horror stories. I could barely get up the courage to tell my boyfriend what I was reading. It was as if we were seeing the our own story on the pages of this site. We decided to just hope for the best and push on through. Somewhere in SC, 2 days before the delivery date they called us from Zooz. They informed us that the truck had broken down and that they would not be making a Friday delivery as promised. They told us they would be there Monday of the following week. My boyfriend stressed to them that he had to get his belongings no later than Monday because he was leaving town for work on Tuesday morning. After hanging up with them we looked at each other “and so it begins.” they called this afternoon and let my boyfriend know that they would be there Tuesday (the day they already knew he would be out of town) to deliver his things and if he was not going to be there to recieve these items he would be charged storage. When he began to argue with the man this criminal began to scream at my boyfriend, telling him that all of this was his fault. After an our of of yelling back and forth with 2 different employees of Zooz we still are no closer to getting his belongings back.

    What can we do?

    I fly out tomorrow and I hate that I will be leaving him alone to deal with this absolute mess.

    We would appreciate any help or information.

    Thank you for your time.

  32. Greetings, you did such a great job with your website that Simon Sasson had to change the name again. after destroying Flat Price Moving, Mainline Transportation and Zooz Transportation he now landed a new sucker. Lidor Vanlines. That is the name they use now. DOT #2011550, MC#708980.
    Same people, same bad habits and bad bad business conduct driving people to the verge of poverty. They should be in jail for what they do to people.

  33. Mary says:

    About their carrier license being revoked, this time-line falls in exactly with when “they” told me Zooz was being shut down. Someone named “Sam” who I believe is Franco, told me this and that he was taking over the company and it is now All American Trusted Van Lines. Sam made me promise after promise, lie after lie. I really believe this is Franco, he has the same phone number (818-836-0362), Franco was the truck driver who picked up my life time of property on May 6th, 2011.

    I’m buried in paper work here, preparing my packages for all the agencies in California & Utah who are going to help me. Any advice you have for me is welcomed. I still have several agencies to contact and file complaints with.
    Keep us updated! Thank you!

  34. hint says:

    That is crazy. But i pretty much sure that customers also add a lot extra. People be smarter do not choose low prices do you rely think the move might cost so low ? It is very hard job and business. Most of this all your fault because of your dumbness. They know that and they use that as opportunity to rip you off. Try to move the most important, do not take old furniture give it away sell it for your move. You take those stuff that you never use it be more free. New place and new furniture and so …on. everything comes from china everything is chip. Do not let movers start working until you will be sure that you wont be ripped off. The best way is ask the company for visual estimate and try to get final price. If company promises you straight delivery or specific delivery day get from company document with supervisor’s name and signature and make sure the info will match (DOT,MC and so on). Take care of your movers with tips that helps they will care about your belongings more. This is basic.

    • econnell says:

      You’re right. They are playing on people’s lack of knowledge of the industry and the ignorance of how the scam works. That doesn’t make them any less of victims, though.

      I also agree that anyone that doesn’t give you a visual estimate isn’t to be trusted. As for the other tips you’ve given, it’s mostly irrelevant. There are actual reputable moving companies out there that will take care of you and deliver your stuff in the condition it left in. These scam companies just need to be put to rest.

      I’m working on it.

      • hint says:

        good like with that i wish you victory. But tell me how much you have to pay to those companies who will deliver on time, and deliver everything same condition 2-3 times more expensive. I am not taking anybodies side but i am trying to be realistic. You get what you pay.

        • econnell says:

          Reputable companies end up being about the same price as the hostage demand from these scam companies. And I think if you asked any of the victims on this site if they’d be willing to pay that extra money, every single person would have done so in a heartbeat.

  35. Cori says:

    Please know as a warning Lidor Van Lines, Inc. is also part of this scam, along with All Points Moving Company. Our move was back in May from Louisiana to Southern California. Ours is like everyone else’s story. Broken and damaged items, missing items, etc. First filed a claim with Anthem who is their insurance carrier. They wanted to settle for $430. That wouldn’t even cover the missing items. I filed a claim in Small Claims Court, which is a total waste of time because I can’t find anyone to serve. I show the owner of Lidor as Sharli Guta located somewhere in Tarzana, CA.
    If there is a class action suit or any other judicial means of sticking to these people, please let me know. Very interesting in seeing them behind bars. Thank you.

  36. Jason says:

    I was one of the first people in contact with Eric and the gov’t about ZOOZ. I still have not givin up and I have the State of Oregon on board persuing the owners of ZOOZ. If anyone needs the contact information for the woman in charge of the case please let me know. I am sending her all the paperwork I have. Lets give these theives what they deserve…..well as much as we can legally do…..

  37. mama says:

    last company they were with was United masterlines. now they are global express van lines, out of maryland.

  38. Pete says:

    The sale person, Josh made the moving arrangements sound great. Alliance Worldwide Van Lines would use their own drivers, pick up and deliver with the same truck, and if the weight estimate was high they would set the cost based on the actual weight. What could go wrong…

    The problems started on pickup with the driver named Doron demanding payment with a personal check for a much higher amount than the estimate. The pickup was at my daughter’s house so she was not sure what to so. The stuff was loaded on the truck and Doron was ready to go. He made up fake charges like 4 guys loading for 2 hours when there were 3 guys and I personally have loaded the same items in just over an hour by my self. He also charged an extra $1500 to load two kayaks because at 10 feet they took up half the truck. (huh?) This was all on a contract that was strictly based on weight. Sadly my daughter wrote the check.

    Of course I got on the phone immediately and called multiple times every day and got the same answer each time if I was lucky enough to connect with someone. The answer was “It does not look like you paid anything and we don’t know anything about the shipment or it’s location.”

    The delivery was supposed to be before September 13th since I was traveling to Japan for 2 weeks at that time. I told them on every call that was the case and the answer was always, “oh we can make the delivery date”. That is until the 12th. Well I get over to Japan and a week later they call my daughter and say the stuff will be delivered the next day and I should have cash waiting for them. No one could say how much but the numbers ranged from $1500 to $2200 depending on who I talked to. I arranged to have someone there the next day but told Amy who I was lucky enough to reach that they would not have cash. I could arrange a credit card payment if necessary but I had to know how much and what the charges were for. She was so sympathetic. A great act. She admitted the charges were all wrong and she would talk to the owner and get it fixed. Fixed meant stopping the delivery and then charging me $1500 for storage because they still wanted that extra $1500 on top of the already higher than agreed on cost. Remember they have still not weighed the shipment and never will.

    After 69 days and many lies and excuses my stuff was delivered with some extra wear. The weight estimate of 5000 pounds was high and my guess is the load was around 3000 pounds of tools and heavy items. The initial estimate for $3175 should have come in at less than $2000 if the weight was 3000 pounds. Instead, with the extra price jacking the final cost was $5206.

    I don’t know if it will make any difference but I am filing a complaint with DOT, BBB, and with the Attorney General in Oregon, California, and Utah. A small claims suit will also be started. What a bunch of crooks.

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