The Loading

As we walked into our house, we had found that they had moved all of the furniture and boxes from upstairs to the downstairs. This was good news since this probably took a quite a bit of time. As we surveyed the house, we noticed an empty crushed can of Guiness in our trashcan. My wife asked me if I had a Guinness the night before, which I did not. I opened the refrigerator and saw that a can of Guinness was indeed missing as well as some bottles of Molson. Also missing was a bottle of Gatorade which we were planning to take with us on the trip. They stole beer out of our fridge and drank it at our house. That’s the level of professionalism you’ll deal with if you hire ZooZ Transportation.

At any rate, since they did not show up as promised, we started calling all of the phone numbers we had. I dialed the number that Shawn had called me from the night before (unfortunately I lost this number, but I’m pretty sure it was either a 202 or 203 area code). We called the number that the packers called us from when they needed directions. The only thing we reached was their voicemail systems.

So I started calling Shawn’s number over and over again. It would ring 4 times and go to voicemail. I’d hang up and dial again. After about the 8th time doing this, it started going directly to voicemail. This told me that he was awake and he was avoiding my call. Apparently, he needed more time to come up with an excuse for why he broke his promise to be there by 8AM.

After a little over hour of waiting with no communication from ZooZ, I walked over to our neighbor’s house. I explained what was going on and asked if they could “supervise these idiots” when they finally arrive. They agreed. I called and left a voicemail for Shawn saying that we could not wait any longer, we were leaving, and our neighbors would come over when they arrive. At 9:30AM, my wife and I got in the car and started heading for Utah.

At 10:30AM, our neighbors called us to let us know that the ZooZ Transportation guys had finally arrived and they were starting to load up the truck. We finally got a hold of someone named Brian at ZooZ’s office and we told them about the stolen beer. He was “shocked” and he was going to “make sure nothing like that ever happened again.” At this point, I still actually had a little bit of faith in this company.

After the truck was loaded, the moving crew tried to get my neighbors to sign documentation and have them pay. Obviously, they did not sign anything and did not pay for anything. We had the neighbors tell them that if they wanted money, the office would need to call us.

Then, they asked my neighbors where the shipment was going. Yes, that’s right. They didn’t even know where they were supposed to go. Apparently they figured this out on their own (it was written on the contract they wanted our neighbors to sign). By this time, we were halfway across Washington state.

We didn’t receive any phone calls that day from ZooZ Transportation.

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  1. Hope This Helps says:

    I recently found out that zooz has a habit of using temporary staffing companies day laborers to do their loading and unloading. Day laborers with no background checks getting paid minimum wage and left alone in your home to do what they wish. Your lucky only your beer was missing. A job i’m aware of was worked on by these guys and the owner found out these “temps” were left alone in his house for 5 hours unsupervised when he caught their supervisor sleeping in the truck.

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