The Pickup

On February 9th, 2011, ZooZ Transportation called my wife to confirm her pickup on February 10th. ZooZ Transportation told us they would arrive on schedule between noon and 4PM. We finished up our packing on the morning of the 10th and we waited for the ZooZ truck to show up.

At 1PM, we figured it was just a normal delay. At 2PM, we said to each other that ZooZ was still well within their timeframe. At 3PM, we convinced ourselves that the ZooZ guys — while still within their timeframe — just couldn’t make it early.

At 4:15PM, my wife called ZooZ Transportation to figure out what was going on. She was told that they weren’t scheduled to arrive on the 10th at all. ZooZ Transportation told us that our pickup was scheduled for the 11th. My wife explained that she had received a phone call the day prior confirming the pickup on the 10th. Undeterred, ZooZ Transportation insisted that we were scheduled for the February 11th.

After a bit of complaining and explaining that we needed to start driving back to Colorado on the morning of the 11th, we got a number of different stories. First, we were told that the truck got held up at the Washington port of entry. After that we were told that the truck had broken down. There’s no telling what actually happened. ZooZ Transportation doesn’t really excel at telling you the truth. In fact, they tried to explain their “shit happens” excuse by comparing their being late to the protests that were occurring at the time in Egypt. We never did figure out how that was relevant, but somehow that seemed appropriate to them.

My wife and I had planned on having everything on a truck on the night of the 10th. Assuming that we’d have no bed and no furniture, we had made reservations at a hotel. ZooZ Transportation sent 3 men to come pack up the house and prep it for loading the truck the next day. Their packing crew arrived at 10PM. We needed to check into our hotel by 11PM. Their packing crew got lost trying trying to find the house and none of them spoke English. After a lot of work getting past the communication barrier, the packing crew arrived.

We showed the person that spoke the most English around the house and did the normal explanations. We argued with ZooZ Transportation about the situation and I was explicitly told by Shawn (the owner?) that they would be back “no later than 8AM to pack the truck.” As long as we could leave by 9AM on February 11th, my wife and I would be on schedule. Since we needed to make our hotel reservation, we left the packers alone in the house and headed to our hotel.

We went to our hotel and spent the night. We arrived back at our house at 8AM. There was no truck. There were no movers. As we surveyed what had been done the night before, we were astonished. The packers had stolen from us and they hadn’t even loaded up the truck yet.

I’ll go into this in more detail in the next installment, but just in case you stop reading here: ZooZ Transportation’s employees (or agents) stole beer and drinks from our fridge and they were drinking on the job.

Fair warning, though, it gets worse!

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  1. Dale says:

    We just found our stuff, 2 months after it was picked up/stolen from us. We did lose half of what we had, all the monetarily valuable stuff…these drivers willfully drank my girlfriend’s wine with her (she had no idea it was against the law). These scumbags deserve nothing less than to be imprisioned; they already lost their license.

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