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My wife originally sent out quote requests to a number of companies.  A company called Mainline Moving and Storage called her back. They had her walk through the house and tell them what we had so they could provide the estimate. She went through every room with them on the phone and told them everything that was in each room.

They gave her an estimate of $2,400.00 and told her it would not exceed their estimate. If you look at the Mainline Moving and Storage company linked above, their website even says:

We offer a “BINDING-NOT-TO-EXCEED” the estimate contract that covers all expenses up front. There are no hidden charges. All of the fuel surcharges, taxes and tolls are included. This is the best way for the customer to know exactly what your total moving costs are and offers you the comfort of knowing everything up front.

This is a lie (or extremely misleading at best). The actual contract said that it would cost $0.60 per pound regardless of what was estimated. We’ll get to that part later.

You may be asking yourself, “what does Mainline Moving and Storage have to do with ZooZ Transportation?” That is a good question. I am still not clear on what the relationship is between the two companies, but there is definitely something there. They have the exact same voicemail greeting and none of my voice mail messages were returned by Mainline M&S.

If you look at the owner of the domain, you’ll see (as expected):

   zooz transportation
   12450 burbank blvd p162
   valley village, California 91607
   United States

However, the owner of is:

   mainline transportation
   1830s ocean drive apy1206
   hallandale, Florida 33009
   United States

   Administrative Contact:
      socher, joshua

Of course, if you look on the ZooZ Transportation website (and the Better Business Bureau), they are listed at an address in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Looking back, if I had noticed how shady this whole organization appears, it should have set off serious warning sirens.

At any rate, we signed the contract and scheduled the move for February 10th, 2011. We also hired them to pack all of the items in the kitchen. With the contract signed, we started packing up the rest of our house.

Here is our original contract. I’ve highlighted our so called “BINDING-NOT-TO-EXCEED” section:

Always read the fine print.

2 Responses to The Quote

  1. erick says:

    you know,Erick instead of banging your wife(witch if i was on a desert island by self and she will be the only ‘thing’ there is out there,i would wish that a dinosaur will crack my flash and bone then too get ‘intimate’ that ‘thing’..).
    first of all i look at your ‘order for service’(and i know a little bit about it).
    binding not to exceed mean that when a customer give to the sells man a list of items and the customer(in that case that ‘thing’,the wife)need to be very specific,there for your ‘thing’(wife)try too take advantage of the moving company.
    now my brother,Erick,you think that what you did cant hurt a moving companies,but you wrong.
    your ‘thing’ give list of 61!!!!!!!!!!items!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the moving company took from your hunted house 142!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!items!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    now,dear Erick,maybe i ignorant,but when i go to the grocery store,my wife(not your ‘thing’)give me a list to by from the store.
    sugar,Coffey,water,cookies,cackles,and diapers.
    i know that with that list that my wife(not your ‘thing’..)provide to me,its not going to cost me more then $20-30 dollars.
    but when i am there i ‘decided’ get soda,meat,whips,ice cream,toilet paper,paper towels,cigarettes,and more and more…
    when i got back home my wife will say “babe all i said its this and this and that”…and it need to be $20-30…
    the bill now his $120 dollars cues i decided to bring more things that what she SAID!!!
    you see my brother,don’t bl aim the moving companies,for your mistake,or try to make your ‘thing’(wife..)feel better about what happened too you,bl aim your self!!!
    and where we coming from,when we get a discount,we say thank you,and move on.
    but i Guss you where the Little kid from school that every one used to pick at,but guess what my brother,i hope that one day you will enjoy your life with the ‘thing’ and stop blaming every one for your MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!

    ‘and ther is nothing that shoew

  2. pissed at zooz2 says:

    well well well! I can tell by the bad grammer and broken english that the previous poster must be affilliated with zooz transport! No surprise there. you assholes ripped us off for all we had. I too gave a detailed list that once all was done and we were ready to roll, was considerably less than we originally planned to take. Still, our final price was more than double the zooz estimate! Karma is a bitch! remember that

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