Is It Too Late For You?

Did you happen upon this site after you already started dealing with ZooZ Transportation? I feel your pain. I am truly sorry for what you’re probably now going through. The best I can do is provide you with some contact information if you really want to get a hold of someone immediately.

I am all too familiar with ZooZ Transportation’s voice mail greeting. So let’s get you some real numbers. This information is accurate as of March 6th, 2011. I imagine that once they find this page, they may very well change their phone numbers. If these are not correct any longer, please email me.

Meet The Scammers

Shimon Sasson (a.k.a. Shawn a.k.a Leon a.k.a. Rafhael a.k.a. Tom a.k.a Levin a.k.a. Simon) – CEO — 310-430-8907

This is either his cell phone or his home number. He tried to hide his number using caller ID block, but one of the times he called me, he apparently forgot to dial the *67. This was after I told him I was calling the police. Shimon is a dangerous person. He is a criminal and if you attempt to deal with him in person, you should ask for an escort by the LAPD.



Oren Osadon (a.k.a. Erick Thomas) – Supervisor/Owner — Phone # Disconnected as of 5/14/2011 –

Oren was at home trying to deal with the delivery after the truck arrived at my house at 10PM. He called me from this number and asked that I don’t give it out. Tough luck, Erick. You shouldn’t have lied to me repeatedly. Oren Osadon (Erick Thomas) is the listed owner of Zooz Transportation.



Victoria Murillo (a.k.a. Tori)

At first I didn’t think Victoria (a.k.a. Tori) was complicit in all this, but I’ve since learned from some sources that she’s actually friends with Franco and Coni Matar. Franco and Coni run All American Trusted Van Lanes (trusted… HAH!). Anyway, she seems to be established in this group and as such she deserves mention on this page as well. She generally operates as their administrative assistant. Sucks to be you Tori. Now your name is enshrined on this hall of shame.



Maxx Socher – Hallendale Beach, Florida

Maxx Socher is a “salesperson” for these moving scammers. He also works at a Honda dealership as a car salesman. Maxx was the salesperson for our moving contract with Mainline Transportation. He is fully aware the he works for companies that operate hostage moving scams and he is certainly complicit in their operation. Maxx freely admits to being a drug user and drug dealer in the past on his Facebook page. He claims that he is now starting a Hip Hop record label.



Chris Michalski

Chris Michalski has been in the moving scam business for a long time. He was partnered with Maxx Socher under the name “Federal Moving Systems, Inc.” Chris has since been working in sales for various moving scam operations. He is currently employed by TNT Van Lines, Globe Van Lines, and Midwest Van Lines. I spoke with the owner of Globe Van Lines in person and I told him about Chris’ activity working for hostage moving companies. The owner of Globe Van Lines knowingly and willfully keeps Chris as an employee. As such, I would not recommend using their service either.


Robert Michalski
Robert Michalski is another member of this scam operation. It is likely that Robert is now working for other moving companies as well, but I do not have any direct knowledge of this. Robert is friends with Maxx Socher and he is Chris Michalski’s brother. I have reason to believe that Robert lives in Florida as well, but I cannot confirm this.


Their email address scheme seems to simply be [firstname] So you can try, (or maybe

Your next step will be to file a complaint with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety administration. You can file a complaint about your broker and your carrier at the same time on that form.

28 Responses to Is It Too Late For You?

  1. sandy smith says:

    I was also scammed by Shimon Sason (BMW licence plate number: 6HZC197) 14751 Calvert Street, Van Nuys, California. USDOT: 1198091; revoked on February 7, 2011. Former street address 7456 Calvert Street; same building, different address.

    I have been doing some detective work myself. Mainline Transportation Inc. aka Zooz Transportation Inc. scammed me out of $10,000.oo. They have held 1/3 of my furniture hostage since Nov. 1, 1011.

    From the Secretary of State- Entity number C0377562/dated 6-16-1959/Status-certificate suspended for tax evasion/Mainline Transportation System—Entity number C2523879/dated 9-5-2003/Mainline Transportation Inc./ Status- certificatedissolved (Mainline Transportation Inc. has not been incorporated since 2003). Shimon Sason lied to the county clerk when he filed out a ficticious name permit in the city of Van Nuys #20100718397. He said he was incoporated when in fact he is not. He gave his address as 5632 Van Nuys Blvd (internet address) I drove down Van Nuys Blvd looking for this address and stopped in front of his supposed business address. Painted lettering on front window read “Notary Public” Mail Box Rentals.State attorney generals office mailed me a copy of Mainline Transportations insurance coverage: Status-Since 1994 they have had insurance with 28 seperate insurance companies; status revoked. They have not had insurance since 2003. The contract that I signed said that my furniture was covered by insurance. If you would like to hear my horror story e-mail me and let me know. One more thing-Mainline Transportation and Zooz do not have a business license in the city of Van Nuys. I also have several picture of trucks with altered USDOT numbers parked outside their warehouse. I have a picture of the altered address number.

  2. Murdoc Hughes says:

    My girlfriend has been battling with Mainline/Zooz since April 2011, we had them pack our stuff in September 2010. They wanted us to pay half before they delivered and the other half upon delivery, so in April when we finally got into our apartment, we called them and they said to transfer the money directly to their account. It took us 3 and a half weeks to finally get the right information from them, they gave us incorrect routing numbers (the one they need to order checks) and we got 2 different bank account numbers, so we finally had to go to the bank to get this information sorted out. After that they said that they wanted an extra $300 for a storage fee for the month of April. We told them that we weren’t going to pay because they can’t get their information straight. So after some bad noise they agreed to ship it without the extra $300. We called a few days later after not hearing a word from them, we told them we were moving to Amarillo, TX. They had our stuff on the way to Amarilloo, IA (Amarilloo, IA doesn’t exist. I don’t know where they were going.) with a Cedar River Zip code. I’d really like to know how they were on their way to a city in Iowa that isn’t there. And now they want another $1500 because they have to turn around and come down to TX. We contacted the DOT in Washington DC, and told them about this shady business. They had us file a complaint (from a different phone number) and are now investigating this business. Because now they are essentially holding freight hostage, because we’ve payed what was in our contract. (see Title 49 United States Code 14914)

    US Department of Transportation :1-888-368-7238 or go to and they will pass the information on to start the investigation.

  3. Murdoc Hughes says:

    Just got off the phone with them and gave Eric Levin or something an earful. He transferred me to his supervisor named Sam (he had a thick Russian or Ukrainian accent). He told me that he can’t do anything because his boss is out of state on vacation, and refused to call his boss or give me his name or number. I asked if he was aware that his DOT license was revoked, and at that point he got angry. After I started to read Title 49 USC 14915 (—-000-.html ) he hung up on me. He’s unwilling to follow the contract that was written and signed, and says he can’t deliver without more money.

  4. V says:





  5. James says:
    you can check their face book and see who they work with and friends with. they are all there.
    check link above. lets stop crime.

  6. nugget says:

    I happen to love ZooZ transportation. They did a wonderful job with my move; Maybe it was just bad luck.

  7. sly says:

    I have got a story that tops them all:

    Hopefully you can get to this article. If not just do a google search for “Truck Collision on I-17″ + “cAMP vERDE” yES…that is all of my furniture all over the interstate. A complete and devistating loss.

    You would not believe the rest of this story. Please post here and I will email you my story.

    • Ed Garland says:

      Sir, I would like to hear the rest of your story. It seems as though it might be even worse then my experience with these cheats…..

  8. christina barbachano says:

    Oren Osaden is also Sam is also Franco Matar and this guy is doing business under 30 different company names. He is currently holding half my stuff ransom saying that he would be happy to deliver the remainder of my items for an additional $2000. We have a lawyer but fat luck that will do us as this guy is total scum.

    Company Names this guy uses:

    All Points Van Lines, Inc
    All Points
    Best Points

  9. www goldcoastmovers net

  10. Noah A. says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve been doing some research vis a vis another story that is only peripherally connected to the ‘Moving Scammers’, but i just came across some startling information that you may be interested in.

    It would seem that Chris Michalski might be an ‘Inside Jobber’ as well ?
    A fellow by the same name works (or worked ?) as a compliance investigator for the D.O.T. While it may seem a bit far fetched to try to match the two (there are over 40 male Chris Michalski-s in the national databases), there could in fact be a connection.

    Federal Moving Systems, at least for a time, was based out of Allentown, PA .
    One or two of his own comments at Ripoffreport-dot-com was supposedly sent from Allentown.
    This is not too far from the DOT’s Trenton, NJ offices.
    Additionally, there is a Chris Michalski who is, or at least was, a Pittsburgh, PA area attorney. From the online photo of that ‘CM’, there would definitely appear to be a similarity to the ‘CM’ whose picture you posted here (although your photo is at a sideways angle and low resolution).

    If it’s not the same Chris Michalski at the D.O.T., but a close relative instead, well that should work (for them) nearly as well perhaps ?
    I will post the links on a follow-up comment. Not sure if they’ll successfully go through or not, in case there are any spam-blockers in place here (certainly don’t blame you if you do !).

    Good luck though, to you all.

  11. Negar says:

    So I went through the same search site to request a new moving quote, just to see who would respond. It’s something like USAMovingCompanies com or something (you put in your info and get a quote from 7 companies). I got a lot of responses, some were the same where someone wants to come in and do a visual. However, one stood out like beacon.

    When I got my quote from Goldcoast, a rep named Julian sent me a quote with an official looking contract IMMEDIATELY without having even talked to me (I did enter that I had a two bedroom apartment when I set up my request). This wasn’t why I made arrangements with Goldcoast, the email was filtered and Julian called me a few hours later and I didn’t see it until I started digging because my stuff went missing.

    Anyway, I received THE EXACT SAME TYPE OF RESPONSE FROM ANOTHER COMPANY. Strange, right? Except this company seems to have completely different people associated with it: 1st Generation Moving. Now this company has the EXACT SAME M.O. AS ZOOZ, MAINLINE, LIDOR, ETC, ETC, ETC!

    This is so freaking crazy, I am wondering if moving scams are really that easy…..

    Anyway, I noticed that both companies (Lidor DBA Goldcoast and 1st Generation Moving) use something called the iRelocation Network. I think it’s a place where they get their leads, I don’t know if they are part of the problem, or part of the solution. It would be brilliant if we could get them to vet the moving companies that they do business with. Or if we could get the USA Moving Companies site to stop iRelocation from using their leads.

    This thing is spreading :-/

  12. d says:

    theyre new company is Lions Van Lines and United Master Lines

  13. momo says:

    As of December they are operating under Northern Van Lines from Eugene Oregon. Address listed on website is actually an amtrack train station. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I have torn leather sofas and extended damage to wooden furniture, missing parts, etc. They don’t return phone calls period. HORRIBLE experience.

  14. Dave says:

    Has anyone successfully sued? We’re looking into that option since the insurance company has dropped them. Who would we sue and how do we find them since “Zooz Transportation” apparently no longer exists?

  15. Scott says:

    My girlfriend moved from Portland, OR down to L.A. with me at the end of December and we used a moving company called Northern Van Lines, and momo stated in above comment that these guys are now operating on that name.

    Very long story but needless to say, working with NVL has been a horrific experience. We hired them, were called on the way by another company called West Star and finally had her stuff delivered by a company called NaviStar (extorted more money from us, of course. 40% more than we were quoted). Her credit card for the deposit reads another company called Move Along. This is so convoluted. The missing stuff, the stuff of others we received, the unprofessional behavior, the police, and all the other fun tidbits can be saved for another posting.

    I’ve read through everything on this site and I can’t tie in any of the people’s names mentioned here but everything seems so similar. As in previous comments, we too had a Russian/ Ukranian driver named and Sam and a rep named Julian. Sam could be a coincidence but have a rep named Julian seems pretty random. Other names we’ve dealt with are Chris (don’t have last name), Amy and Victor.

    I can’t find any company information on NVL, and they’ve been unresponsive, at best, with our complaints. It really seems like these guys just start up or take over new company after new company, take advantage of people, and when the s**t is about to hit the fan, operate under a different name.

    Does anybody know anything about these aforementioned companies? Any way to find out who company management is?

  16. MAMAMAMA says:

    They are now under Global Express Vanlines. STOP THESE SCAMMERS! SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!

  17. amy stickel says:

    wow. i just googled chris and amys name from now, northern van lines. they have had my things for almost two months, lied and lied to me about things, and its crazy. .. i had no idea this could happen. any advice what to do? i am all about a lawsuit if anyone wants to get one together.

    • My friend has been trying for over one month to get ahold of Amy L. Michalski from Northern Vanlines who has basically held her property as hostage for an additional $1500 over the contract price. She moved from Dayton, OR to Houston, TX and when the driver arrived (1 week late) to her apartment, she asked to see her stuff and he drove off. He did mention that she had a drop leaf table with her belonging, but my friend DOESN’T OWN A DROPLEAF TABLE. No they won’t return her calls, Amy’s voice mail has not been set up (conveniently) and they won’t tell her where they put her stuff in storage. The police won’t do anything either. Try this phone number for Amy:
      954-728-0472. My suggestion — sue Amy in small claims court for extortion and theft. Also, the driver involved that hauled away your stuff. According to what I’ve read, Northern Vanlines has not been able to get insurance and their contract says they are insured. Sue them for that!!! Sue them for anything you can do. Go to your doctor and get a note that you’re stressed and sue her for that!!!

  18. More Info says:

    Maxx Socher likes twitter!/SochTheRapper
    He also enjoys myspace

    Safe Load Moving & Storage, Inc.
    (866) 247-4945
    View Additional Phone Numbers
    173 Lenape Heights Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89148-2605
    Contact Information
    Primary Contact: Ms. Annette Cohen (Secretary)
    Mr Maxx Socher (Vice President)
    Ms. Connie Matar (Office Secretary)

    All Points Van Lines, Inc.
    (877) 668-3444

    Robert Michalski
    Maybe the whole family is messed up

  19. Jeane Spada-Allgood says:

    I am currently waiting on a delivery that is apparently through these scammers. The only way I know this is because the carrier phone number matches the one you have listed for Shimon Sasson.
    I arranged the move through Neighbors Moving & Storage, who provided a “binding estimate.” I was aware that any extra weight would cost more, but in my rush to get this arranged did not catch the fine print that says: “Moving & Storage, Inc. is not responsible for the acts, conduct, or omissions of the motor carrier whom the customer will hire directly by way of a bill of lading contract. Moving & Storage, Inc. is not a party to the contract for moving services as entered between customer and the motor carrier. “
    The subcontractors did indeed increase the quote. It has been two weeks since the pick-up. Delivery was estimated at 5-7 days. When no one showed up or called, I contacted the carrier and was told 4-5 more days. Still no delivery. I have now been informed they will arrive this weekend. Not holding my breath. My one hope is that they have not yet collected any money. I gave a substantial deposit to Moving & Storage (for what?), but did not give anything to the carrier. Perhaps they will at least show up with a demand for payment.

    • Jeane Spada-Allgood says:

      I have been told that they are operating under the name National Moving. I was able to obtain their DOT & MC numbers and they are listed with FMCSA.
      Please note that Neighbors has been professional throughout this experience.

  20. C Perez says:

    Seriously sad how misinformed you guys truly are. I can not believe its really legal to LIE on people and say things that simply are not TRUE. If I was you and thank God I am not but if I were you I would simply be careful about writing things that arent accurate. There is a saying in Spanish. Most people heed this saying because its TRUE. “El pescado muere por la BOCA…” Get your facts straight, when you have real information and you want to inform the public then that is FINE and your right but when you start to spread lies and mention peoples family members and mess with their well-being, nothing good will come out of this…. I am only trying to let you know that you have your facts completely mixed up. I will pray for you and hope that you sit back and check your resources and make SURE they are updated because what your saying doesnt go on any longer, its over. TRUST ME, Eric Connell.. Be careful.

  21. C Perez says:

    Just to give you ONE small example. The article on Robert Michelski isnt even the Robert Michelski you are referring to. I mean come on that simply not right NOT to mention Chris has stopped the moving industry over 6 months ago. There are other people you really need to focus on right there in your very city. Where your home is Denver, Colorado.

  22. MB says:

    Chris Michalski has not stopped scamming people in the moving industry. He’s still up to his old tricks of ruining lives. Every time he comments to anything on here, he links his name to one of his many scammer sites, Northern Van Lines. “C Perez” also needs to get his or her facts right before posting.

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